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Maine: $850 Direct Relief Payments

Stimulus checks: Here’s who will be getting a check

Gov. Janet Mills signed a supplemental budget on April 20 to authorize direct relief payments of $850 for Maine taxpayers.

Full-time residents with a federal adjusted gross income of less than $100,000 are eligible. Couples filing jointly will receive one relief check per taxpayer for a total of $1,700.

Taxpayers are eligible for the payment regardless of whether they owe income tax to the state.

Residents who did not file a state tax return for 2021 can file through Oct. 31 to claim their payment.

The one-time payments, which are being funded by the states surplus, started rolling out via mail in June to the address on your 2021 Maine tax return.

The supplemental budget also includes an increased benefit for Maines earned income tax credit recipients.

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The Us Federal And Indiana State Income Tax Return Filing And Payment Deadline Is April 18 2022

Forms and information are available through the U.S. Federal Internal Revenue Service and the Indiana Department of Revenue . If you worked in a state other than Indiana in 2021, you may need to file income tax returns in that state as well.

OIA will be providing information on state tax workshops and resources available to you as a student so you may complete your own Indiana state tax return.

  • Cares Act

    The Cares Act was introduced by the U.S. government in April 2020. It provided individual taxpayers an initial stimulus payment of $1200 and then more recently an additional $600 to off-set the financial hardship caused by COVID-19.

    To receive this payment a person needed to:

  • Have a valid SSN.
  • When To Expect The Money

    Officials estimate that about 50,000 checks will be printed daily, and a total of 1.7 million checks will need to be printed. Once a check has been sent out, it usually takes about 24 to 48 hours to arrive in the mail.

    Officials expect to print and mail all Indiana stimulus checks by October. Thus, the officials are requesting residents to wait until November 1 before contacting the state for any questions about their rebate checks.

    To be eligible for the Indiana stimulus checks, residents must file their 2022 tax return. Moreover, those who werent eligible for the first payment may qualify for the new $200 rebate payment if any dependent hasnt claimed their Social Security benefits.

    The second rebate payment of $200 is part of a relief bill that Gov. Holcomb signed earlier this month. Lawmakers have sanctioned $1 billion to send the $200 tax rebate to eligible residents.

    State officials estimate that the $200 rebate will benefit about 4 million taxpayers. Those who didnt file a tax return will be able to claim the $200 rebate as a future tax credit.

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    $125 Stimulus Check Direct Payment Is Waiting For You

    Residents of Indiana will receive a direct payment or mail-in check after completing their 2021 tax return. There will be a $125 stimulus check for Indiana coronavirus victims, which will be included in their tax refunds, according to The Sun.

    Residents of Indiana will receive a direct payment or mail-in check after completing their 2021 tax return. There will be a $125 stimulus check for Indiana coronavirus victims, which will be included in their tax refunds, according to The Sun.

    Idaho: $75 Rebate Payments

    4/15/20 Updates &  Answers Regarding Stimulus Checks

    In February, Idaho Gov. Brad Little signed a bill that allocated $350 million for tax rebates to Idahoans. There were two criteria for eligibility:

    The payments began in March. Each taxpayer received either $75 or 12% of your 2020 Idaho state taxes, whichever is greater . The rebate was applicable to each individual taxpayer and each dependent.

    The tax commission first issued rebates to taxpayers who received refunds via direct deposit, then sent paper rebate checks.

    In a special session on Sept. 1, Idaho lawmakers voted to authorize another tax rebate for all residents who filed state tax returns in 2020. Individual filers will receive $300, and couples filing jointly will get $600.

    The funds come from the states $2 billion budget surplus. The payments are slated to roll out within weeks, according to a report by the Idaho Press.

    State residents can also check the status of their rebate online.

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    $200 Automatic Taxpayer Refunds Are On The Way

    Indiana Department Of Revenue issued the first and largest round of one-time $125 Automatic Taxpayer Refund direct deposits in May and issued the third round of direct deposits on July 1. Whenever possible, DOR issued a combined payment of $250 to taxpayers when both spouses were eligible for the refund and filed a joint tax return.

    If you received your $125 Automatic Taxpayer Refund by direct deposit, you should receive another direct deposit for $200 . Direct deposits could arrive as early as Aug. 19. Most ATR direct deposits are scheduled to arrive in Hoosiers bank accounts on or around Aug. 24. If your additional Automatic Taxpayer Refund direct deposit does not go through for any reason, you will receive a refund check from the Auditor of States Office.

    Eligible taxpayers who did not receive the first Automatic Taxpayer Refund by direct deposit and were eligible will receive one refund check for both Automatic Taxpayer Refunds from the Auditor of States Office. Payments will begin in mid-August and will continue until mid-October. Please DO NOT contact the Indiana DOR regarding the refund until after Nov. 1.

    Indiana DOR will continue to issue ATRs by direct deposit whenever possible as individual tax returns are received and processed. Indiana DOR is unable to update banking information for taxpayers who changed bank accounts between refund tax periods.

    Fill Out Income And Personal Identification Information

    STEP 2 E-file your tax forms, requests both required and optional information.


    • Personal verification: The form asks for your 2019 Adjusted Gross Income. If you did NOT file taxes last year, enter 0 in the box. Ignore part B which asks for last years self-selected signature PIN.
    • Electronic signature: Instead of signing your name, your signature is a 5-digit PIN number that you create.

    Note: these fields are required for you and your spouse if you are married filing jointly.


    • Cell phone number
    • Drivers license or state issued ID number, state, issue date, and expiration date leave blank if you dont have one

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    Stimulus Updates: Mark These 11 Dates On Your Calendar Now

    Find: Stimulus Payments Coming to These States in September 2022

    Which states are still expected to distribute a surprise tax refund to residents, and when will these checks or direct deposits arrive? Mark your calendar for these 11 dates, and start thinking about how youll spend, save or invest your windfall.

    South Carolina: Rebate Checks Of Up To $800

    VIDEO: Family: Stimulus check argument led to Indianapolis quadruple murder

    A budget plan approved in June earmarked $1 billion for a tax rebate that will provide a one-time payment of up to $700 for some taxpayers.

    Rebate amounts will be determined after Oct. 17 . Then rebates will be distributed prior to Dec. 31. If you received your 2021 refund by direct deposit, youll also receive your rebate to that account. You can estimate your rebate by following the instructions on the state Department of Revenue rebate news website.

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    Depends How They File Their Taxes This Year

    According to Entrepreneur, it is up to those who are qualified for the Indiana COVID-19 stimulus check how they file their taxes this year, whether they receive the payment via direct deposit or postal delivery of the stimulus check. Residents of Indiana last received an automatic tax refund in 2013. If the states revenue exceeds the target, residents may receive checks again.

    Because of higher-than-anticipated reserves, residents of California, in addition to those in Indiana, may also receive a windfall this year. According to current estimates, the state has a $31 billion cash reserve. For example, the state could send out stimulus checks as a result of this surplus, which would benefit the taxpayers in the long run.

    Colorado: $750 Rebate Payments

    Colorado is sending tax rebates of $750 to individual tax filers and $1,500 for joint filers. Colorado residents for the entire 2021 tax year who are 18 or older and filed their 2021 state income tax return are eligible for the payment.

    Only physical checks will be sent out in an effort to prevent fraud. Most payments have already been mailed as of mid-August. Taxpayers who filed an extension can expect their check by January 31, 2023.

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    How Do I Apply To Receive My Stimulus Checks

    The IRS recommends that individuals with little or no income use its FreeFile program, a resource for low-income Americans to file simplified taxes. The program will be available until mid-November.

    To claim missing stimulus funds, people should also visit the Economic Impact Payments website for further instructions to ensure they have all their ducks in a row.

    Stimulus Checks In Other States

    Indiana Stimulus Check Application

    Illinois isn’t the only state sending rebates, refunds and other payments in 2022. Many other states are delivering “stimulus checks” to residents this year, including other highly-populated states like California, New York, and Virginia.

    The state payments generally aren’t as much as the federal stimulus checks paid out in 2020 and 2021, but they can still provide a much need infusion of cash for families hit hard by rising inflation. And the funds typically come from budget surpluses or COVID-19 relief funds from the federal government. So, state residents aren’t necessarily being taxed to cover the costs of these payments.

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    Is Your State Offering Hero Pay Stimulus Or Rebate Checks

    Americans in some parts of the country are getting extra cash to help offset still-blistering inflation, with at least 21 states and one city offering financial relief to residents grappling with higher food, gas and rent.

    Although consumer prices cooled slightly in July, they still rose 8.5% last month from a year ago near a four-decade high and more than quadruple the Federal Reserve’s target of 2%. Here’s what one mayor, governors and state lawmakers are offering help to taxpayers in their city and states.

    Find Out If Your State Is Sending Out A Stimulus Check Or Tax Rebate This Month

    Residents of California have already started receiving up to $1,050 in inflation relief payments.

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    Earlier this month, California began mailing inflation relief checks of up to $1,050 to eligible taxpayers, and, by Halloween, an estimated 3.2 million Virginians should receive rebates of up to $500. They’re just two of the states issuing income tax refunds to help residents cope with a bumpy economy: Starting in early November, Massachusetts is returning nearly $3 billion in tax revenue, while South Carolina taxpayers will get refund checks of up to $800 later in the month.

    Do you live in a state sending out a stimulus check? How much money could you get? Read on to find out.

    For more on economic relief, check out plans for statewide child tax credits, as well as gas rebate checks and gas tax holidays across the US. Also, you have less than one month left to claim stimulus and child tax credit money.

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  • Starting December 1, 2017
  • State And City Stimulus Checks

    IRS: Direct-deposit deadline for stimulus check is Wednesday

    Congress has yet to agree on a fourth federal stimulus check, leaving many states to come up with their own programs to help eligible residents.

    In California, the Golden State Stimulus II program offers residents over $568million in extra funding through the end of the year.

    The program is for residents who have been financially impacted as a result of the pandemic.

    Over half a million residents received $285 checks in Maine. In Maryland, qualifying residents can receive a check worth between $300 to $500.

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    Hawaii: $300 Rebate Payments

    In June, Hawaiis legislature approved sending a tax rebate to every taxpayer Taxpayers earning less than $100,000 per year will receive $300, and those earning more than $100,000 per year will receive $100. Dependents are eligible for the rebate, too.

    Taxpayers who filed their 2021 state income tax returns by July 31, 2022 can expect to receive their returns in September or October. For residents filing their 2021 return between Aug. 1 and Dec. 31, you can expect your payment up to 12 weeks after filing.

    Indiana: $325 Rebate Payments

    Like Georgia, Indiana found itself with a healthy budget surplus at the end of 2021, and it has authorized two rebates to its residents.

    In Dec. 2021, Gov. Eric Holcomb announced that Indiana taxpayers would get a $125 one-time tax refund after they filed their 2021 taxes.

    Theres no income requirement. Residents must have filed a state tax return for the year 2020 by Jan. 3, 2022, as well as a 2021 Indiana tax return by April 18, 2022, to be eligible. Payments started in May, according to a state information page.

    Taxpayers who filed jointly will receive a single deposit of $250.

    A second rebate was approved in August 2022 to grant another $200 per taxpayer.

    Most taxpayers will receive their refunds by direct deposit, and the second payments started rolling out in late August. If you changed banks or dont have direct deposit information on file, youll receive a paper check. A printing delay put mailing the first round on hold for several months, but mailing resumed in mid-August. Checks mailed after that point contain payments for both rebates, for a total of $325 per taxpayer.

    Distribution of printed checks is expected to take place through early October. If you did not file your 2021 tax return by the April deadline, you can claim your $125 rebate on your 2022 taxes.

    For more information, visit the state Department of Revenue website.

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    Theres Still Time To Get Payments

    If you havent yet filed your tax return, you still have time to file to get your missed 2021 stimulus payments.

    Visit for details.

    The IRS has issued all first, second and third Economic Impact Payments. You can no longer use the Get My Payment application to check your payment status.

    Most eligible people already received their Economic Impact Payments. However, people who are missing stimulus payments should review the information below to determine their eligibility to claim a Recovery Rebate Credit for tax year 2020 or 2021.

    Securely access your IRS online account to view the total of your first, second and third Economic Impact Payment amounts under the Tax Records page.

    Illinois Income Tax Rebate

    New IRS Site Could Make it Easy for Thieves to Intercept Some Stimulus ...

    To qualify for the Illinois income tax rebate, you had to be an Illinois resident in 2021 and the adjusted gross income on your 2021 Illinois tax return must be under $200,000 . The size of your income tax rebate depends on your filing status and the number of dependents claimed on your 2021 Illinois tax return. Each qualifying person gets $50 , plus $100 per dependent for up to three dependents. So, for example, a qualified married couple with three children will get a $400 income tax rebate. If you add on a $300 property tax rebate, they could get as much as $700.

    As with the property tax rebate, you had to file your 2021 Illinois income tax return with Schedule IL-E/EIC if you have dependents by October 17.

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