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Financial Help For Homeowners And Landlords

Financial adviser says use your stimulus check to help pay off student loan debt

Forbearance is not the same as forgiveness. Forbearance only puts off the inevitable day when paused payments must be made up. Programs funded by the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 and the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 provide financial assistance to homeowners and landlords under two programs: the Homeowner Assistance Fund and the Emergency Rental Assistance program.

Q: Does The Insolvency Exclusion Apply To Amounts Discharged Under A Pra Principal Reduction

A5: The insolvency exclusion may apply to a discharge of indebtedness under a PRA principal reduction to the extent that the taxpayer is insolvent when the discharge occurs. For further discussion of the insolvency exclusion, see page 4 of Publication 4681, Canceled Debts, Foreclosures, Repossessions, and Abandonments PDF.

What Is A Mortgage Relief Refinance

When most people think of government or Congress mortgage relief, theyre thinking of HARP the Home Affordable Refinance Program. HARP was a government program rolled out by the Federal Housing Finance Agency in 2009. For nine years, it helped millions of homeowners refinance after being hard hit by the housing crisis.

The HARP program ended in 2018. And similar programs, including Fannie Maes HIRO and Freddie Macs Enhanced Relief Refinance, were also discontinued.

The reason? Home values have been rising dramatically.

Property values shot up at a record rate in 2020 and 2021. As a result, homeowners nationwide saw their equity levels increase. And the number of underwater borrowers shrunk to just 2% of the market.

There are still programs available to help homeowners with little or no equity, including 97% LTV refinancing from Fannie and Freddie and Streamline Refinancing from FHA, VA, and USDA. However, fewer and fewer homeowners need these programs.

Today, the focus is on helping homeowners who were impacted by Covid-19 lower their mortgage payments.

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Senior Citizen Financial Planning

Social Security experts recommend living on 70% of your pre-retirement income. So, if you earned $50,000 a year when working, you should be comfortable living on $35,000 a year.

In reality, how much you should save for retirement depends on your lifestyle.

This is how much of your total income you should be spending on housing, transportation, food and healthcare, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Annual Expenditure Report.

  • Healthcare 12.2%

These are the four greatest expenses for people over the age of 65. After the age of 75, healthcare costs eclipse transportation, taking up 15.6% of your income, while transportation drops to 13.9%.

To be clear, these are only averages. How much each person spends on each category will vary. You shouldnt set aside 17% of your budget for transportation if you live walking distance from your usual haunts. Nor should you throw budgeting to the wind for a European vacation just because you really want to see the Eiffel Tower.

If balancing your budget proves too daunting, consider working with a reputable financial advisor or nonprofit credit counseling organization. A credit counselor can review your debts and expenses to help you reach a level of financial stability.

Managing your debts is important no matter what stage of life youre in. The father of western wisdom, Socrates, said it best with his last words:

Crito, we owe a rooster to Asclepius. Please, dont forget to pay the debt.

Is There A Mortgage Stimulus Program And How Much Can You Get

Pin on What is Trump doing now?

AS inflation impacts American across the country, homeowners are struggling.

Many are wondering what support is available and whether there’s a mortgage stimulus program.

This occurs as Americans have gotten used to receiving stimulus checks during the coronavirus crisis. We explain what you need to know.

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Is There Really A $3700 Mortgage Stimulus Program

Those $1,200 pandemic stimulus checks have ended, and are unlikely to return.

So what are all these ads for a new homeowners stimulus, that could provide more than $3,700 to pay your mortgage?

The ads are all over social media right now, many saying a new 2021 mortgage relief program is giving back $3,708 in savings to homeowners.

The headline on another says a new stimulus program is giving relief.

It even includes a picture of a TV anchorwoman reading this as breaking news.

But what TV station does she work for? It looks like CNN, but theres no logo on the screen.

The Better Business Bureau and AARP are warning about all these ads, saying there is no federal mortgage stimulus program.

States have some individual programs to help homeowners in distress, but that is not this.

And from the doesnt that stink file, what happens when you click to apply.

We tried to sign up, and got a series of screens asking for our address, homes value, and how much we owe on it.

In the end, it turned out to be a pitch for a refi program, which might save you $3,000, or not.

Its not a scam, but its not a $3,000 stimulus program, and that stinks.

The Better Business Bureau says there is no Congress-approved relief program for mortgage payments for Americans.

Finally, be careful of any offer for government help that takes you to a website that does not end in dot gov.

That way you dont waste your money.

S To Take Before You Hire A Lawyer

A reputable lawyer doesnt guarantee results, no matter what your circumstances.

Before you hire someone who claims to be a lawyer , or someone who claims to work with lawyers, ask relatives, friends, and others you trust for the name of a lawyer with a proven record of helping homeowners facing foreclosure.

Get the name of each lawyer wholl be helping you, the state or states where each lawyer is licensed, and their license number in each state. Your state has a licensing organization or bar that monitors lawyers conduct. Call your state bar or check its website to see if a lawyer you’re thinking of hiring has gotten into trouble. The American Bar Association has links to your state bar or search online for the name of your state and the words state bar to find the site for your states bar association. Get in writing specific information about the work the lawyer or firm will do for you, including the cost, and the payment schedule

If you decide to hire a lawyer, stay in touch with them and keep a file with a record of your conversations, letters, emails, texts, and paperwork.

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How To Qualify For The Relief

The recent $1.9 trillion pandemic rescue package that’s now paying out stimulus checks of up to $1,400 includes nearly $10 billion of direct financial assistance to help homeowners pay not only their mortgages but also taxes, utilities, insurance and homeowners association dues.

The money, formally called the Homeowners Assistance Fund, will be distributed to states based on a formula that takes into account unemployed residents as well as late mortgage payments and foreclosures, says the National Council of State Housing Agencies.

Youre eligible for relief if you own your home and have a loan with a principal balance at or below the conforming loan limits set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government-sponsored mortgage giants that buy or guarantee most U.S. home loans. The 2021 loan limit in most parts of the U.S. is $548,250.

The money will be funneled to cash-strapped borrowers through state housing agencies. At least 60% of the state grants must go to homeowners with incomes that don’t exceed either the local median income or the national median income, whichever is higher.

If You Are Experiencing Difficulty Making On


Forbearance is when your mortgage servicer, thats the company that sends your mortgage statement and manages your loan, or lender allows you to pause or reduce your payments for a limited period of time.

Forbearance does not erase what you owe. Youll have to repay any missed or reduced payments in the future. So, if youre able to keep up with your payments, keep making them. The types of forbearance available vary by loan type.

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Types Of Reverse Mortgages

  • Federally Insured Reverse Mortgages – Known as Home Equity Conversion Mortgages
  • Proprietary Reverse Mortgages
  • Single Purpose Reverse Mortgages

Be sure to watch for aggressive lending practices, advertisements that refer to the loan as “free money,” or those that fail to disclose fees or terms of the loan.

When finding a lender remember:

  • Do not respond to unsolicited advertisements
  • Be suspicious of anyone claiming that you can own a home with no down payment
  • Seek out your own reverse mortgage counselor
  • Never sign anything you do not fully understand
  • Make sure the loan is federally insured

New Biden Legislation Offers Homeowners Additional Coronavirus Mortgage Relief

The Coronavirus, Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act directed lenders holding federally backed single-family mortgages to suspend borrowers payments for up to a maximum of 360 days if they experienced financial hardship due to the coronavirus outbreak. Similar but shorter forbearance was available to owners of multifamily units with federally backed mortgages.

Subsequent legislation, including the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 and the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, as well as presidential executive actions, have resulted in additional mortgage relief in the wake of the 2020 financial crisis.

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Biden Signed $10b In Mortgage Help For Homeowners How Do You Get Money

The latest COVID relief package signed into law by President Joe Biden sets aside billions for homeowners struggling to make their mortgage payments and other bills related to owning a home.

Over 10 million Americans are currently behind on their mortgages and feeling “housing insecurity,” according to census data. If you’re in that group and have been piling up debt, how do you claim some of the money?

Its likely to take many months for the funds to get into the hands of those who need it largely because of the way its being disbursed, experts warn.

Who Qualifies For Fha Cash

New Stimulus Package Student Loan Relief: Pros And Cons

An FHA cash-out loan allows homeowners with lower credit scores or a less than impressive debt-to-income ratio to access the equity of their home at a current low rate.

The basic requirements to qualify for an FHA cash-out refinance are:

  • The home mustve been refinanced but be your primary residence, and you must have lived in the home for at least 12 months prior to applying for the loan
  • You must have made on-time mortgage payments for the past 12 months prior to applying for the loan

These are the basic requirements, but there might be additional requirements depending on your circumstances, such as your credit score.

FHA loans usually require a debt-to-income ratio of 43% or less, but different factors may affect this, such as a high credit score or high home equity.

As mentioned, your current mortgage does not have to be an FHA loan to qualify for an FHA cash-out refinance.

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Want To Lock In A Low Rate Heres How:

Lendgo’s free service helps homeowners easily get quotes from lenders likely to approve their loan and help find them super low rates. In just a few minutes, any borrower could get a side-by-side rate comparison from qualified lenders and find savings. Once you have chosen the lender right for you, that lenders will work with you to easily lock in your rate and claim your savings.

Lendgo.com is one of the country’s largest and most respected mortgage websites. They are currently connecting smart homeowners like yourself with competitive mortgage rates. Service is fast, easy, and 100% free with no obligation. It takes less than two minutes – you have nothing to lose!

No Extra Penalties Interest Or Late Fees

During any forbearance period granted to you, your servicer cannot charge any penalties, interest, or fees that would not have been charged if you had made your payments on time and in full. Landlords may not charge tenants any fees or penalties for late payment of rent during any forbearance period granted to the landlord.

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What If You Have A Non

Federal regulators believe most non-government-backed lenders and loan servicers will adopt policies similar to those mandated by the CARES Act and subsequent legislation. To find out, contact your loan servicer, ask what programs it has in place to provide mortgage relief to homeowners impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, and follow any instructions you are given.

Although the CARES Act does not require private lenders to offer mortgage assistance, if you and your lender come to any type of loan modification agreement, then the law regarding not reporting reduced or paused payments to does apply to you.

If your mortgage forbearance is set to expire soon, then you may be able to request an extensionbut you must apply before forbearance ends.

Is Congress Mortgage Relief Program Legit

Stimulus package allows employers to help with student loans

Welcome to my review of Congress Mortgage Relief Program.

Have you heard about it? If you have, are you eager to find out whether it brings you any real benefits?

If you would like to know more about it, keep reading this detailed and unbiased review to get all the details starting with how the program works, its pros and cons, and whether it is legit.

Before I start

If youre tired of scams and want a real solution for making money online check out my no.1 recommendation.

Its helped me earn over $300,000 in the last 12 months alone:

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Us Mortgage Relief Program

US Homeowners Are Eligible To Receive Generous Mortgage Relief BenefitNew Home Mortgage Relief Program.Homeowners Can Qualify For Up To $3,708/Yr In Savings.

Enhanced Mortgage Relief Program For US Homeowners

Any homeowner with a mortgage can apply to check eligibility and get up to $3,708 each year in mortgage savings.

If you were born before 1991 and have a mortgage, a new mortgage program could put thousands of dollars in your pocket every year.

Homeowners can start using this $3,708 however they want, thanks to a new relief package You can substantially reduce your home mortgage payments, improve your home, or use it for any other expenses.

Homeowners who have good/fair credit and owe $100,000 or more on their mortgage could qualify for even larger amount in savings!

Every homeowner in United States should complete the mortgage refinance form to check savings from your existing mortgage. It costs nothing and takes just 60 seconds.

Check Your Eligibility

“Qualified” OR “Eligible” – assume qualified refi candidates, based on the following criteria: 30-year mortgage holders with a maximum 80% loan-to-value ratio and credit scores of 720 or higher, who could shave at least 0.75% off their current first lien rate by refinancing according to the Black Knight article.

See references for given approximate amounts below:

What Are Todays Harp Mortgage Rates

The HARP mortgage program expires at the end of 2016. If your existing mortgage rate is above todays rates and your home has lost value since purchase, you may be HARP-eligible.

Get todays live mortgage rates now. Your social security number is not required to get started, and all quotes come with access to your live mortgage credit scores.

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Is There Congress Mortgage Stimulus Or Covid

Although theres no current mortgage stimulus from Congress, there is federal help available for homeowners.

When President Joe Biden signed the American Rescue Plan into law in March 2021, it famously included stimulus checks to nearly all households. It also provided special financial assistance for homeowners who were or are struggling financially as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Homeowner Assistance Fund is intended to help with your monthly mortgage payments and with property taxes, homeowners insurance, homeowners association fees and utility bills.

Although these are federal funds, theyve been sent out to states to administer. For help, you apply to your states housing finance agency. Locate your states agency and contact information with this lookup tool.

There are some eligibility requirements for these funds. To qualify, your mortgage balance must be $548,250 or less, and most of the funds are designated for borrowers with average or below-average incomes.

Fmerr: The Enhanced Relief Refinance Program

$1400 Stimulus Check Impact Report: March 2021

Editors note: Freddie Mac has temporarily paused the FMERR program due to a low number of applicants. With home equity increasing nationwide, many owners are eligible to refinance without needing a special program like FMERR. Contact a lender to check your equity levels and find out whether you qualify for a refinance.

For borrowers with a mortgage through Freddie Mac, Freddie Macs Enhanced Relief Refinance program was created to help homeowners with limited equity take advantage of historically low interest rates and reduce their monthly payments.

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Streamline Refinance Eligibility: Lower Your Interest Rate Quickly And Affordably

You may be eligible for a Streamline Refinance if:

  • You have an FHA, VA or USDA loan
  • You will benefit demonstrably from the refinance, such as by a lower mortgage rate or monthly payment
  • No missed payments in the last 6 months

If you meet these conditions you are very likely to have access to lower rates but you need to act now before rates go up. Speak with your mortgage lender about your personal finances and relief options.

Q: In A Hamp Modification That Includes A Pra Principal Reduction The Holder Of The Loan Reduces The Pra Forbearance Amount By More Than The Pra Investor Incentive Payments What Federal Income Tax Consequences For The Homeowner Result From That Additional Reduction By The Holder

A3: To the extent that the reduction in the PRA Forbearance Amount is more than the PRA investor incentive payments, the reduction is from the discharge of indebtedness. The full amount of this discharge of indebtedness is reported to the IRS and the homeowner on Form 1099C, Cancellation of Debt, regardless of whether the homeowner may exclude any, or all, of it from gross income. See Questions 4 and 5 below for discussion of some exclusions that may apply.

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