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You May See A Payment Status Not Available Message

What You Need To Know About Coronavirus Stimulus Checks | NBC Nightly News

Dont be alarmed if the Get My Payment tool gives you a message that says Payment Status Not Available. You may see this message until your payment is processed, according to the IRS. So you may not have to do anything.

But it could also mean youre not eligible for a payment. So you may want to double-check your eligibility and plug your numbers in our stimulus check calculator to see whether youre due money.

How To Cash A Check Without Id

To cash a check without an ID, you can take advantage of ATM or Mobile app deposits. Alternatively, you can endorse a check over to a trusted third party who can then cash the check for you. You will need an ID if you do not have access to ATM or Mobile deposits or have a trusted third party.

The first way to cash a check is to use an ATM. Youll be depositing the check into the ATM and then withdrawing a cash equivalent. You will need your bank or debit card and the endorsed check.

Heres a video by Salal Credit Union which shows you how to deposit a check using an ATM.

The steps include:

  • Select Deposit, Checking or Savings, and then select check deposit.
  • Insert your check and verify the information is correct.
  • Once the check has been deposited, you can withdraw the cash equivalent.

    Mobile app deposits are similar to ATM deposits. Your bank should have a Mobile app and some banks allow Mobile app deposits. You take a picture of the check through the app and your check is deposited into your account. You can then withdraw the cash equivalent.

    Lastly, you can endorse a check to a third party who does have identification. This person can then cash the check for you. To endorse a check to a third party:

  • Write Pay to the order of and the persons name on the back of the check.
  • Sign the back of the check yourself.
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    What Is The Stimulus Check Debit Card

    Formally called EIP Cards, the debit cards are an alternative to receiving a paper check.

    About 4 million Americans received debit cards loaded with their first-round stimulus payment in 2020. About 8 million new debit cards were issued for second-round payments. The IRS hasn’t announced how many will go out in the third round, but if you got a card in the past it won’t be reloaded with your new payment and you may not get a card at all this time.

    The debit cards will be sent from Money Network Cardholder Services and arrive in a white envelope with the US Department of the Treasury seal. Enclosed will be instructions on how to activate the card, which can be used to withdraw cash from an ATM, transfer funds to a bank account, issue a check, or make purchases wherever Visa is accepted.

    Only one card will be provided per family for instance, a couple who files taxes jointly and is getting an additional payment for a dependent will get only one debit card.

    Recipients of the prepaid card will be able to register the card for online access and visit to check their balance and transaction history. The US government will not have access to a cardholder’s transaction history.

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    Easy Ways To Cash A Check Online

    by Lauren Bennett – Verified & Updated January 27, 2022


    Getting a check isnt the most convenient way to get paid. Direct Deposits, PayPal and other sites like PayPal are much faster, right?

    Yet many companies, organizations and individuals still choose to pay by check.

    There are obviously many ways to cash a personal check near you, going to the bank for example. Getting down to the bank can be a pain, so if youve got a check you need to cash, you might be wondering if theres a way you can do it online.

    If youve ever wondered how to cash a check online, youll be glad to know that there are actually plenty of options available to you.

    What will I learn?

  • Happy Getting Paid!
  • When Will Your Stimulus Check Arrive

    Stimulus check money: $1,200 payment could still be headed your way in ...

    The stimulus payments are being distributed to taxpayers either by direct deposit or by paper checks or debit cards arriving by mail. If youve been paying your taxes via direct deposit, the IRS should already have your banking information on file and will make the payment directly to your bank account.

    For direct deposit, the IRS uses data already in its system to determine which bank account to send the payment to. That most likely happens by attaching a routing and account number to your 2020 or 2019 tax filing, as well as inputting one earlier in 2020 for receiving your first stimulus check. Those receiving payments by mail will have to wait a little longer.

    This round, the Treasury Department is also working with the Bureau of the Fiscal Service to identify federal records of recent payments to and from the government to find a possible bank account alternative for delivering stimulus payments as a direct deposit. The move helped accelerate the stimulus check delivery timeline, the IRS said in a statement.

    In most cases, individuals arent required to take action to receive their checks and are discouraged from contacting the IRS, according to a Treasury Department release.

    The IRS and Treasury Department anticipate sending out more tranches on a weekly basis moving forward.

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    Can I File My Taxes With A Paper Return

    Yes, however it is not recommended. If you have not filed your taxes yet and still need to, file electronically if possible. IRS processing of paper returns is delayed due to COVID-19. You can use if you arent normally required to file taxes, and get support from the chat function on the site, where you can communicate with an IRS-certified volunteer to help you complete the form. is available through November 15, 2021.

    If you must file a paper return, you can download the tax forms from or use an online tax software program to complete your return and print it instead of filing electronically. If you need to file a paper return and do not have internet access, ask a trusted friend or relative for help.

    Local Bank Or Credit Union

    Even if you dont have a bank account at the moment, you can still seek a local bank or credit union to cash your stimulus check. Government checks are considered safe, which means the banks wont have any issue cashing the stimulus checks for people who arent their customers. At the same time, you should be aware that they might take a fee from you if you use this method. It all depends on each bank or credit union.

    Before going to the bank or credit union, you should give them a call. Ask them whether any fee will apply for cashing stimulus checks as a non-customer. Usually, fees could be between $5 and $20. In order to be able to get your stimulus check, you also need to present two IDs with photographs. These could be your passport, military ID, drivers license, or anything of the sort.

    Also, FDIC, aka the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation told financial institutions that they should help people who are struggling because of the pandemic. This can be done by making the restrictions less harsh, waiving fees, and allowing non-customers to cash their stimulus checks. As such, there are high chances that there is a credit union or a bank that will instantly help you cash your stimulus check, while not charging you any fee.

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    How Can I Get Help Completing Getctcorg

    All first stimulus checks were issued by December 31, 2020. If you didnt get your first stimulus check in 2020 or didnt get the full amount you are eligible for and you dont have a filing requirement, you can use GetCTC has a chat box that you can use to communicate with an IRS-certified volunteer to help you complete the form. is available through November 15, 2021.

    Community Financial Service Centers

    When you can expect your stimulus check?

    The Community Financial Service Center is a place where you can cash checks. However, not all CFSC stores offer 24-hour check cashing. Hence, you should check with your nearest store for the opening hours.

    You can cash various checks at CFSC, including government checks, payroll checks, stimulus checks, social security checks, SSI checks, unemployment checks, Veterans Benefit Checks, and Income Tax Refund checks.

    Its important to note that check cashing fees and limits vary by location.

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    What Happens If My Stimulus Check Was Sent As A Debit Card Instead Of As A Check

    The IRS sent aletterto prison officials explaining that if debit cards couldnt be processed at your prison facility, prison officials have to return the debit cards to the IRS fiscal agent at:

    Fiserv1007 North 97th CircleOmaha, NE 68122

    The debit cards will be voided.You can file a 2020 tax form to get your first and second stimulus checks, and/or a 2021 tax form to get your third stimulus. Include a letterasking for your payment by check because you cannot get debit cards in prison. It may be helpful to contactMetabank, the debit card company, to report your card as lost. You can ask that they cancel the debit card and then inform the IRS you didnt receive the money so the IRS can issue you a check.for more details.

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    How Can I Cash A Paper Check Online

    Cashing a check online Use your banking or credit union application. Many banks and credit unions have mobile apps that allow you to take a picture of your check and deposit it instantly. Deposit your check into your PayPal account. Other Third Party Check Cashing Sites. Online stores to cash checks.

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    How To Transfer Money Off Stimulus Prepaid Debit Cards And Into Your Bank Account

    Stimulus payments continue to hit consumer’s mailboxes, and if you got your payment on a prepaid debit card, you can get that money transferred to your bank account or turned into

    Stimulus payments continue to hit consumer’s mailboxes, and if you got your payment on a prepaid debit card, you can get that money transferred to your bank account or turned into cash.

    If the IRS didn’t have the right banking information for you, they sent four million stimulus payments on pre-paid debit cards. One big mistake consumers are making is throwing the debit card away, thinking it’s a scam or junk mail. We told you how a Chapel Hill woman thought it was a scam, so she threw the card away.

    She’s not alone as Troubleshooter Diane Wilson heard from dozens of people who did the same thing, thinking it was junk mail. If you did do that, you can request a new card for a small fee. You call Customer Service at and select the “Lost/Stolen” option.

    If you don’t want your stimulus money on the prepaid debit card, you can transfer that money to your own account. You can also use the debit card at an ATM to get cashback or at the grocery store to get cashback. To take any of these actions, you can either call or find out how to take these steps head to

    Anonymous customer donates stimulus check to Raleigh small business owner denied PPP twice

    Dont Ask An Atm For The Balance On Your Stimulus Debit Card

    What You Can Do With Your Stimulus Check

    While were on the subject of ATMs, if youre not sure how much money you have left on your stimulus debit card, you can now use an ATM to find out. Previously, every time you made a balance inquiry at an ATM, Metabank charged you a fee of 25 cents. However, on Metabanks most recent fee schedule, theres now no fee listed for getting your balance at an ATM.

    However, just as when youre withdrawing money, if youre using a non-network ATM, the ATM owner can still tack on an additional fee of its own. So to safely find out how much money is left on your card without getting charged a fee, either use a network ATM, go online and look it up at the EIP Card website or call customer service at 240-8100.

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    Can You Cash A Check At An Atm

    You can cash a check at an ATM, which is a little less convenient than going to the bank. However, not every ATM will allow you to accomplish this some will simply allow you to deposit the check, while others will not accept checks at all.

    However, if the local ATM enables it, simply bring your check, your bank card, and a pen to the machine and follow the on-screen instructions. Before the ATM will dispense your cash, you may need to have the amount of dollars already accessible in your account.

    How To Cash A Check Without A Bank Account Or Id

    Have a paper check to cash, but don’t have a bank account? No worries, you can still cash a check without a bank account and you can do this by cashing it at the issuing bank or a check cashing store.

    When most people receive a check, they deposit it in their bank account, cash it at their bank, or show their ID and cash it at the bank that issued the check. Its possible to cash a check without a bank account by cashing it at the issuing bank or a check cashing store. Its also possible to cash a check if youve lost your ID by using an ATM or signing it over to someone else. Learn more below.

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    Who Is Eligible For A Stimulus Check

    • Adult dependents. Benefits of $1,400 are also paid to eligible dependents.
    • Mixed households. As with the checks above, individuals must have a valid Social Security Number to be eligible to participate.
    • â â â â . People who were still alive in January.
    • People with unpaid debts.
    • If you miss this year.

    How To Endorse A Check

    What to Know: Californians Soon to Begin Receiving Middle Class Tax Refunds

    The first thing you need to know before you can cash or deposit a check is how to endorse a check. Itâs really quite simple. The person sending the check signs the front of the check and the person receiving the check signs the back.

    So what is endorsing a check? Endorsing a check gives the check cashing provider youâre using permission to collect payment for cashing that money to you.

    So who endorses a check? The person who receives the check needs to endorse the check. The person who wants to deposit or cash the check is the one who needs to endorse it.

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    Where To Cash Your Stimulus Check Without A Bank Account

    Where is the best place to cash your stimulus check if you don’t have a bank account?


    The IRS is rapidly issuing the CARES Act recovery rebate of $1,200 per adult and $500 per child. While many are getting their checks by direct deposit, millions will be receiving a paper check in the mail.

    The IRS is mailing paper stimulus checks when the agency cant make an electronic deposit. An FDIC survey in 2017 estimated that 25% of U.S. households are unbanked or underbanked.

    If this describes you or someone you know, what can you do? Where can you cash your stimulus check if you dont already have a checking account?

    You have several local options to cash your stimulus check without opening a bank account or prepaid debit card.

    Avoid Stimulus Debit Card Fees And Keep More Money For Yourself

    Fortunately, the stimulus EIP Cards arent terrible when it comes to fees, but there are still a few youll need to dodge. Remember that in all cases, before you use your stimulus debit card for the very first time, youll need to activate it and set up a 4-digit PIN by calling customer service at 240-8100 and verifying your identity.

    Finally, never give your PIN to anyone, even if someone calls claiming to be from a bank or government agency. Your PIN should always remain a secret that only you know. But if you keep your PIN safe and make sure youre only using your stimulus payment debit card in a fee-free way, you can keep every dollar of your stimulus money for yourself.

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    Dont Use Your Stimulus Debit Card At The Wrong Atm

    You can get cash from your stimulus debit card at any ATM, up to $1,000 per day . However, its important that you use the right ATM so it doesnt cost you extra.

    When you use your stimulus debit card at an ATM within the AllPoint network, you wont pay a fee at all. You can find a list of all the network ATMs on the EIP Card website.

    But if you use a machine outside of that network, youre at risk of paying not just one, but two separate fees. First, Metabank, which issues the card on behalf of the Treasury Department, will charge you a $2 fee each time you withdraw cash on a non-network ATM .

    And second, the owner of the ATM itself may charge you a fee, which can range from 99 cents to several dollars, depending on the machine. Plus, if you happen to be outside the US, youll be charged an even higher $3 fee by Metabank to withdraw cash from an ATM, no matter what machine you use, plus any additional fee charged by the ATM operator.

    So if youre going to withdraw cash from your stimulus debit card using an ATM, youll want to make sure youre doing it only at a network ATM in the US.

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