Track My Second Stimulus Check


Payment Status Not Available

Track your second stimulus payment: 2 Wants to Know

In short, the IRS says – like the first time around – this message indicates there was some kind of issue using or getting the data from your 2019 return, which is what stimulus payments are based on.

Here’s the official Dec. 2020 statement from the IRS about this message:

The Get My Payment application will return “Payment Status Not Available” for several reasons, including:

  • Youre required to file a tax return, but
  • we haven’t finished processing your 2019 return
  • You don’t usually file a return, and
  • you used Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here but we havent processed your entry yet
  • Youre not eligible for a payment .
  • Why Did We Get Only Half The Amount

    Many couples are finding that they are getting direct deposits for only a portion of what they think their stimulus payment should be. Some have gotten half of their payment deposited one week and half the next, and other couples are finding that their dependents’ share of the stimulus money is split between the two parents.

    The IRS has explained that the first payment made might be based on a taxpayer’s 2019 tax return, and the second payment is a “plus-up” payment that is based on the taxpayer’s 2020 tax return.

    The IRS has also said that part of the problem may be with “injured spouse” claims on a tax return. of only one spouse, the “injured” spouse can request a refund.) The IRS says that these couples will get their payments as two separate payments.

    If you haven’t received the full amount, wait until you get your Notice 1444, Your Economic Impact Payment, from the IRS. That letter should have the correct amount of your stimulus payment. If you don’t receive deposits or checks in that amount, you may have to file a Recovery Rebate Credit . You can also read the IRS’s press release from April 1, which contains a lot of helpful details.

    When Will I Get The Recovery Rebate Credit

    You will most likely get the Recovery Rebate Credit as part of your tax refunds. If you electronically file your tax return, you will likely receive your refund within 3 weeks. If you mail your return, it can take at least 8 weeks to receive your refund.

    Claiming the Recovery Rebate Credit will not delay your tax refund. However, if you dont claim the correct amount of the Recovery Rebate Credit, your refund may be delayed while the IRS corrects the error on your return. The IRS will send you a notice of any changes made to your return.

    You can check on the status of your refund using the IRS Check My Refund Status tool.

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    Tracking Your Second Stimulus Check: Irs Get My Payment Tool

    Stimulus Check 2nd Round Status

    The IRS tracking tool is called Get My Payment but is currently offline, pending further information on the changing situation in Congress regarding a second stimulus check. The tool can usually be used to track payments for both filers of tax returns and non-filers. The holding message on the site states:

    The IRS continues to monitor and prepare for new legislation related to Economic Impact Payments. The IRS will make updates to the Get My Payment portal to provide updated information for taxpayers in the near future. Please continue to monitor for the latest information.

    The Frequently Asked Questions page also includes information on how to claim payments missed from the first round of stimulus checks, or amounts not fully realised as well as how to manage various error messages on the tracker.

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    What The Online Get My Payment Tool Can’t Tell You

    The IRS tool won’t give you hourly updates — the status information is updated once daily — nor will it tell you how much stimulus money you’re getting or provide details on the first two stimulus checks approved in 2020. You won’t find steps for what to do if you run into payment problems.

    The IRS doesn’t want you to call if you have payment trouble. The agency says its representatives don’t have information beyond what’s shown in the tool. Here’s what we recommend doing to address a stimulus issue.

    Another way to find out more info on your third payment is to create an IRS account online. If you are sent a plus-up payment after your 2020 tax return is processed, you should see the amount of your plus-up payment with your online account.

    Scammers Turning To Online Schemes To Steal Your

    A number of taxpayers who use tax preparation services, such as H& R Block and TurboTax, say their second relief payments were sent to the incorrect bank account, forcing them to wait longer for their money.

    FOX21 viewer Amaris Miller is an H& R Block client who said she is very frustrated with the companies apparent lack of reliability.

    H& R Block tweeted the following on Monday, saying the money should be there by the end of the day:

    However, on Tuesday, the company tweeted that the direct deposits are on their way.

    In addition, the company added, H& R Block understands stimulus checks are vitally important for millions of Americans. The IRS determines where second stimulus payments were sent, and in some cases, money was sent to a different account than the first stimulus payment last spring.

    > > for Frequently Asked Questions regarding stimulus checks.

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    The Irs Tool Might Say Your Payment Was Sent To You

    If the IRS’ online tool says the agency has issued your stimulus money, but you have no record of it in your bank account and it never arrived in your mailbox, you may need to take one of these steps, including possibly filing a stimulus check payment trace. You’ll need to have the letter the IRS sent you.

    What Information Will The Trace Provide Me

    Second stimulus check problems 2021: Tracking, payments delayed, going to wrong bank account, lower

    The IRS will process your claim for a missing payment in one of two ways:

    • If the check was not cashed, they will reverse your payment and notify you. If you find the original check, you must return it as soon as possible. You will need to claim the 2020 Recovery Rebate Credit on your 2020 tax return to receive credit for EIP 1 and EIP 2, and then claim the 2021 Recovery Rebate Credit on your 2021 tax return for EIP 3, if eligible.
    • If the check was cashed, the Treasury Departments Bureau of the Fiscal Service will send you a claim package that includes a copy of the cashed check. Follow the instructions. The Treasury Departments Bureau of the Fiscal Service will review your claim and the signature on the canceled check before determining whether the payment can be reversed. If reversed, you will need to claim the Recovery Rebate Credit on your 2020, or 2021 return depending on what EIP payment in reference, if eligible.

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    How Can I Get Missing Economic Impact Payments And Claim Other Refundable Tax Credits

    Date: November 18, 2021

    The IRS and the Department of Treasury provided an online Non-Filer Sign-up Tool as a convenient way for people who do not ordinarily file a tax return with the IRS to claim advance CTC payments and missing stimulus payments, or EIPs. The November 15, 2021 deadline to use the tool has passed.

    Filing a 2021 Federal tax return in 2022 will allow families eligible to claim the 2021 CTC to receive their remaining benefit. Most families who received advance CTC payments only received half of the value of their credit.

    If you didnt file a tax return for 2020 and you did not use the sign-up tool before the deadline passed, you can still claim your full CTC and any amount of the EIPs provided in the American Rescue Plan that you are eligible for but have not yet received, by filing a 2021 Federal tax return in 2022.

    The Scope Of Get My Payment

    In that regard the agency specified that the Get My Payment tool to track the status of their payment will reflect the bank account information the individual provided on their 2019 tax return, entered in the Non-Filers tool registration or through Get My Payment by Dec. 22, 2020.

    The website further specifies that the data it uses to process payments is based on that provided to federal agencies such as the Social Security Administration, Veterans Affairs and Railroad Retirement Board.

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    Lower Chamber Passed $2000 Stimulus Check

    The Democratic-led House of Representatives voted 275-134 to meet President Trump’s demand for $2,000 relief checks late December, before it being blocked decisively by the Republican-controlled Senate. Not even getting a clean vote.

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the $2,000 stimulus checks would be “socialism for the rich.”Sen. Bernie Sanders brought in the facts.


    Despite Trump’s threat to block massive pandemic aid and a spending package if Congress did not boost stimulus payments from $600 to $2,000, he backed down from his demands as a possible government shutdown brought on by the fight with lawmakers loomed.

    As 2021 rolls in, and Joe Biden’s inauguration set for 20 January, we will see if more can be done to help needy Americans with a vaccine-aided end to the covid-19 pandemic still expected to be months away.

    What If My Bank Account Information Changed How Will I Get My Second Stimulus Check

    Stimulus Check Tracking Usps

    Unfortunately, if your second stimulus check is sent to an account that is closed or no longer active, the IRS will not reissue the payment to you by mail. Instead, if you are eligible to get a payment, you can claim the stimulus check on your 2020 tax return as the Recovery Rebate Credit or use if you dont have a filing requirement.

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    Will People Receive A Paper Check Or A Debit Card

    For those who dont receive a direct deposit by early January, they should watch their mail for either a paper check or a debit card, the IRS said. To speed delivery of the payments to reach as many people as soon as possible, the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, part of the Treasury Department, will be sending a limited number of payments out by debit card. Please note that the form of payment for the second mailed EIP may be different than for the first mailed EIP.

    Some people who received a paper check last time might receive a debit card this time, and some people who received a debit card last time may receive a paper check.

    For more information questions about the second round of COVID-19 stimulus checks, .

    How To Track The Status Of Your Stimulus Check

    The IRS has created a Get My Payment portal so you can learn the status of your payment. It provides updates on whether the IRS is processing your check or has already scheduled your payment whether your payment will be made by a paper check, prepaid debit card or through direct deposit to your bank account and whether there are problems holding up your payment.

    To use this portal, you must input your Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number along with your date of birth, street address and postal code. The IRS updates its status tracking information daily. You should get a letter about 15 days after the IRS issues your payment telling you how much you received and how you received it.

    After using the IRS tracker, you may sign up for a free service from the post office that tells you exactly when your stimulus check will arrive in the mail.

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    According To The Latest Data From The Irs 15 Million Paper Stimulus Checks Were Sent Out By Mail Last Week With Another Batch Set To Go Out Before The Weekend

    It is estimated that around 127 million Americans have now received their stimulus check, most of those payments were issued straight into individuals bank account by direct deposit. Around 107 million payments were sent out in this way but the remainder have been mailed out through the post either as a paper check or on a prepaid EIP debit card. Over 15 million paper stimulus checks were mailed out by the United States Postal Service and approximately 5 million prepaid EIP debit cards have also been sent through the post to individuals home addressesthe address that is on file at the IRS.

    Where’s My Stimulus Check

    How to track your stimulus payment

    You can check the status of your stimulus check using the IRS’s “Get My Payment” tool, which updates once a day. It will show you how your money is being sent and also confirm whether your first stimulus check was sent.

    However, there are some people who will not be able to access the “Get My Payment” tool at this time: some people who receive federal benefits, and people who didn’t file a tax return or use the nonfilers tool to register for the first stimulus check.

    If you get a “not available” status message, the IRS says you’re either not eligible for a second stimulus check or you are eligible but will not be paid right now. You might also see that message if you filed your 2019 tax return using H& R Block or TurboTax and paid the fees out of your refund. Both tax providers said these issues have been resolved, and qualifying taxpayers should see the payments in their bank accounts soon if they haven’t already.

    Keep in mind that several banks offer early direct deposit, which typically applies to your paycheck, but may extend to your stimulus check.

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    Who Is Eligible For The $600 Checks How Much Should I Expect

    The checks this time around will be up to $600 for individuals or $1,200 for married couples and up to $600 for each qualifying child. These stimulus checks will decrease for households with 2019 adjusted gross incomethat is, federally taxable incomeabove $75,000 per individual or $150,000 per qualified couple. The checks completely phase out for individuals earning above $99,000, and joint filers with no children at $198,000.

    What Are Economic Impact Payments

    In late December 2020, the Internal Revenue Service and U.S. Treasury Department announced they began delivering a second round of stimulus payments as part of the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2021. Most payments have been delivered in January by direct deposit, or by check or debit card delivered by the U.S. Postal Service.

    According to its announcement, The IRS emphasizes that there is no action required by eligible individuals to receive this second payment. Some Americans may see the direct deposit payments as pending or as provisional payments in their accounts before the official payment date of Jan. 4, 2021. The IRS reminds taxpayers that the payments are automatic, and they should not contact their financial institutions or the IRS with payment timing questions.

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    Will You Get A Paper Check Or A Debit Card

    If you are eligible for the second round of stimulus payments and you did not get a direct deposit by early January, chances are your payment was supposed to arrive by either a paper check or a debit card. If you got a paper check for your first stimulus payment last year, you might still get a debit card this time. And some people who got a debit card last time may receive a check now.

    IRS and Treasury urge eligible people who dont receive a direct deposit to watch their mail carefully during this period for a check or an Economic Impact Payment card, which is sponsored by the Treasury Departments Bureau of the Fiscal Service and is issued by Treasurys financial agent, MetaBank®, N.A, the IRS explained. The Economic Impact Payment Card will be sent in a white envelope that prominently displays the U.S. Department of the Treasury seal. It has the Visa name on the front of the Card and the issuing bank, MetaBank®, N.A. on the back of the card. Information included with the card will explain that this is your Economic Impact Payment.

    More information about the debit cards is available at

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