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Are The Gas Rebates The Same As The Inflation Relief Payments

Checks for California’s gas rebate program starting to go out

Basically, yes.

The idea of financial relief for high gas prices was floated by Newsom in March. As the proposal developed it was sometimes referred to as a gas rebate or refund, and sometimes referred to as an inflation relief payment. The official name it ultimately got was the Middle Class Tax Refund. In most cases, those terms are all referring to payments that started going out in October to offset the high price of gas and other goods.

One wrinkle: In the wake of a recent uptick in the price of California gas, Newsom proposed a new tax on oil companies in late September and called for a special legislative session in December to discuss the idea. His proposal is to turn the funds generated from that tax into a refund or rebate for people affected by high gas prices, so thats another gas rebate you might hear about, but it hasnt happened yet.

Can I Track My California Inflation Relief Check

The short answer: no. But you can probably narrow down your timeline a bit.

If you filed your taxes online and also received the Golden State Stimulus you may have already gotten your relief. If you dont meet both of those criteria, youre going to have to wait longer.

Remember, debit cards are being dispersed based off order of last names, so if youve been blessed with an A-B-C name, you wont have to wait as long as the X-Y-Z crowd.

And if youve changed your banking info since your 2020 return was filed youre in for a long wait. That group will be the last to get their payment.

For a more detailed breakdown, .

The state hopes to have everyones payments sent out by mid-January.

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Who Will Get A Debit Card In The Mail

Taxpayers who included their addresses but no bank account data will receive a debit card. Others who will receive a debt card include:

  • People who filed paper tax returns.
  • Those who owed taxes from their 2020 returns.
  • Taxpayers who received a direct deposit for their 2020 refunds but who have since changed their bank accounts or switched banks.
  • People who received an advance payment from their tax service provider, or who paid their tax preparer fees using their tax refund.

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San Antonio Helps With Electric Bills

San Antonio residents who were plagued with sky-high electric bills will get a little bit of relief through a rebate.

Customers will get back approximately 13 percent of their July electric bills, coming to an average of about $29 per household.

There are special options available to those receiving the rebate as well.

In fact, residents can choose if they want to keep the rebate for themselves or pass it to low-income residents who need help paying their bills.

They could also opt to send the rebate to be held for city funding to increase weatherization efforts in Texas.

California Inflation Relief: Heres When Youll Get Paid In November

Stimulus Checks Update July 2022

To help California residents battle inflation, the state started sending Middle-Class Tax Refund payments early October. However, some residents are still waiting for the one-time payments, and the state has just issued new guidance as to when they will receive them.

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Middle-Class Tax Refund payments have been sent out to Californians to help with the high price of gas and cost of living. Californians could receive payments between $200 to $1,050, California Representative Jim Costa tweeted Oct. 24.

And on Oct. 25, he tweeted: ICYMI: The first round of middle-class tax refund payments has been sent out starting October 7 through October 25. Those who are eligible for relief will receive their payment via direct deposit or mailed debit card.

The State of California Franchise Tax Board explained on its website that if you are eligible, you will automatically receive a payment which is expected to be issued between October 2022 and January 2023.

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California Inflation Relief Payments: When Will I Get My Check

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California residents have started receiving onetime “Middle Class Tax Refund” payments.

Why it matters

Eligible taxpayers will receive between $200 and $1,050, either through direct deposit or debit cards.

Inflation-relief payments started going out to California taxpayers this month. The Middle Class Tax Refund, as it’s being billed, can be for as much as $1,050, depending on your income, residency, filing status and household size.The payout is part of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s $12 billion relief effort, which he said “prioritizes getting dollars back into the pockets of millions of Californians grappling with global inflation and rising prices.” As of Oct. 20, nearly 3.5 million Californians already received their payments through direct deposit, according to the Franchise Tax Board.

Here’s what you need to know about California’s inflation relief checks, including who’s eligible, how much they can get and how payments are being distributed.

For more on tax relief, find out which other states are issuing tax refunds and pausing their gas tax.

Colorado: $750 Rebate Payments

Colorado is sending tax rebates of $750 to individual tax filers and $1,500 for joint filers. Colorado residents for the entire 2021 tax year who are 18 or older and filed their 2021 state income tax return are eligible for the payment.

Only physical checks will be sent out in an effort to prevent fraud. Most payments have already been mailed as of mid-August. Taxpayers who filed an extension can expect their check by January 31, 2023.

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Delaware: $300 Rebate Payments

Delaware sent relief rebate payments of $300 to taxpayers who filed their 2020 state tax returns. The one-time payment is possible due to a budget surplus. Couples filing jointly will receive $300 each.

Payments were distributed to most eligible Delaware residents in May 2022.

Instructions to claim the rebate havent yet been released for residents who havent filed a 2020 state tax return. Instructions are anticipated to be announced by Oct. 17.

Check your rebate status or get answers to frequently asked questions from the Delaware Department of Finance.

What Should You Do If Youre Having Trouble Activating Your Card

California’s inflation relief checks hit bank accounts Friday

You should call the card activation number, which is 800-240-0223, available 24/7, according to the tax boards website. You should also check out the frequently asked questions about the Middle Class Tax Refund debit cards.

If for whatever reason you are still having trouble, you can call the Franchise Tax Boards customer help line, said Martinez. That number is 800-542-9332, and its open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. on weekdays, according to the tax boards website.

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California: Up To $1050 Rebate

Californias new budget includes payments of $350 for individual taxpayers who make $75,000 or less. Couples filing jointly will receive $700 if they make no more than $150,000 annually. Eligible households will also receive an additional $350 if they have qualifying dependents.

Taxpayers with incomes between $75,000 and $250,000 will receive a phased benefit with a maximum payment of $250. Those households can get up to an additional $250 if they have eligible dependents.

Californians can expect to receive payments between October 2022 and January 2023 via direct deposit and debit cards.

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Some Californians Left Out Of Gas Tax Relief

California residents are beginning to receive inflation relief money from the state this week.

Known as the Middle Class Tax Refund, the payments, starting at $200, are intended to provide Californians with some financial relief amid the high cost of gas and inflation.

But some people won’t be receiving the money.

Veteran Wayne Jefferson of Santa Maria says he is not expecting to receive a stimulus check because he wasnt required to file taxes in 2021 based on his income.

“I don’t have any other source of income, so we’re not required to have to file income tax,” Jefferson said.

Because he receives veterans compensation and didn’t file taxes, he does not qualify for the gas tax relief.

“We don’t qualify for it,” he said. “If in fact, yes, that would be because we didn’t pass out income tax last year.”

While Jefferson searches for ways to access the check, it continues to be a dead end.

“It’s wrong for us not to be treated like all of California,” Jefferson said. “We still have to pay the same prices, our gas, mortgage, and everything else.”

Those who filed taxes are looking forward to the money.

“As a collective, I believe that it’s actually paramount for us to all receive what we are entitled to,” said Joseph Villarreal, San Luis Obispo resident. “Its going to help me with my funds. I’m getting my new apartment all paid off, so I’m definitely looking forward to that new check.”

“I could use the money and I’m all for it,” said Brian Benn, Santa Rosa resident.

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Hawaii: $300 Rebate Payments

In June, Hawaiis legislature approved sending a tax rebate to every taxpayer Taxpayers earning less than $100,000 per year will receive $300, and those earning more than $100,000 per year will receive $100. Dependents are eligible for the rebate, too.

Taxpayers who filed their 2021 state income tax returns by July 31, 2022 can expect to receive their returns in September or October. For residents filing their 2021 return between Aug. 1 and Dec. 31, you can expect your payment up to 12 weeks after filing.

When Will The Checks Go Out

California gas rebate: When will people get their check?

Payments will be issued between this month and January.

Direct deposits will be sent to residents who e-filed their 2020 state returns and received a refund from the state by direct deposit. About 90% of the direct deposits are expected to be issued in October, starting on Friday.

Other payments will be issued on debit cards sent in the mail starting later this month.

A total of 18 million payments will be sent. The checks are expected to benefit up to 23 million Californians.

To find out when you may receive your money, check the online payment schedule.

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Final Week To Use Free Tool For Child Tax Credit

Only one more week remains to use a simple online portal to redeem your federal Child Tax Credit for 2021.

While millions of parents received their expanded child tax credit payment, worth up to $3,600 per child, after filing taxes for 2021, many low-income families that may not usually file taxes had a harder time receiving the funds.

In response, the non-profit Code for America, the Treasury Department, and the White House partnered on the portal, a simple online tool to file your tax return and receive the child tax.

Yet, you have just a little over a week to use before it stops accepting applications after November 15.

New Jersey: $500 Rebate Checks

In fall 2021, Gov. Phil Murphy and the New Jersey state legislature approved budget measures to send one-time rebate checks of up to $500 to nearly 1 million families.

New Jersey is also sending $500 payments to those who file taxes using a taxpayer identification number instead of a Social Security number. The Excluded New Jerseyans Fund applies to nonresident and resident aliens, their spouses and dependents.

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Millions Of Payments Still Pending

Per the Orange County Register, the Franchise Tax Board said that as of Nov. 7, it still needed to distribute 18 million payments between then and mid-January 2023.

So, if you havent received your refund yet, its on its way. An updated schedule is posted on the FTB site, with payment issue dates dependent upon recipients last names and whether a resident previously received a Golden State Stimulus I and II check or not.

To be eligible for the California Middle Class Tax Refund, you:

  • Filed your 2020 tax return by October 15, 2021.

  • Meet the California adjusted gross income limits described on the Middle Class Tax Refund page.

  • Were not eligible to be claimed as a dependent in the 2020 tax year.

  • Were a California resident for six months or more of the 2020 tax year.

  • Are a California resident on the date the payment is issued.

The MCTR is based on 2020 state income tax returns, filing status and dependents. If you arent sure how much you will be receiving, you can use the estimate tool on the FTB site.

How To Request Records

What to Know: Californians Soon to Begin Receiving Middle Class Tax Refunds

Submit your request for public records to our Disclosure Office by email, fax, mail, or phone:

845-3226 Weekdays, 8 AM to 5 PM

If you are an officer or representative of the entity and would like to view or request confidential tax information, visit the MyFTB webpage.

Please make sure your request contains the following information:

  • The entityâs name
  • The entityâs account number .
  • Your mailing address
  • A description of the records you are requesting, including the specific tax year

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Checks Started Arriving On October 7

Funds began arriving on Friday, Vigliotti noted, with people receiving either a debit card in the mail or a direct deposit to their bank account.

But it could take a few days or weeks for the money to arrive. Still, about 90% of people who receive direct deposits will get their payments by the end of October, according to the California Franchise Tax Board.

On social media, some people said they had received their checks via direct deposit on Friday, while others said they were still waiting.

How Much Could You Receive As A California Resident

State politicians had argued against including the states wealthiest residents in the plan. But the income caps ended up being nearly double what was originally proposed. Payments will go out on a sliding scale based on income, but the refund disappears for individuals making more than $250,000 and joint filers making more than $500,000.

Under the plan, individuals earning up to $75,000 per year would get $350. Those figures would double for joint filers. Households with dependents can receive an additional $350, up to a maximum of $1,050.

Single filers earning up to $125,000 would get $250. Again, those numbers would double for joint filers, and households with any dependents would get an extra $250, for a total payment of $750.

Live Updates: Financial Trends, Money News and More

Individuals in the state earning up to $250,000 would get a $200 payment, and joint filers earning up to $500,000 would get $400. Dependents for households at this income level would qualify the taxpayers for an extra $200, for a total payment of $600.

The tax refunds are just part of a total $17 billion inflation-relief package. In a joint statement released Sunday, Governor Gavin Newsom, Senate President pro Tempore Toni Atkins and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon said, Twenty-three million Californians will benefit from direct payments of up to $1,050.

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How You’ll Receive Your Payment

Californians will receive their MCTR payment by direct deposit or debit card.

Generally, direct deposit payments will be made to eligible taxpayers who e-filed their 2020 CA tax return and received their CA tax refund by direct deposit. MCTR debit card payments will be mailed to the remaining eligible taxpayers.

You will receive your payment by mail in the form of a debit card if you:

  • Filed a paper return.
  • Received your Golden State Stimulus payment by check.
  • Received your tax refund by check regardless of filing method.
  • Received your 2020 tax refund by direct deposit, but have since changed your banking institution or bank account number.
  • Received an advance payment from your tax service provider, or paid your tax preparer fees using your tax refund.

Georgia: $250 Rebate Payments

California Archives

Thanks to a historic state budget surplus, Georgia residents who filed both their 2020 and 2021 tax returns were eligible to receive rebate payments based on their tax filing status:

  • Single filers: Maximum $250
  • Head of household: Maximum $375

If you owed income tax or other payments to the state such as delinquent child support payments, you may have received a smaller rebate. Partial-year residents may have also received a smaller rebate.

Residents who filed their taxes before Gov. Brian Kemp signed the legislation received their rebates via a separate payment. The state expected to send all rebates for returns filed by April 18 by early August.

Georgia taxpayers can learn more via the Georgia Department of Revenue.

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Will The Payments Cause Inflation

California is not the only state to deploy one-time rebates amid budget surpluses. Florida, for example, is sending $450 to certain families with kids.

A big question prompted by the checks sent by California and other states is whether they will exacerbate inflation.

While California “on net will come out ahead,” it may be impacted as other states export inflation with their refunds, Harvard University economics professor Jason Furman recently tweeted.

“Californians are going to come out behind from any ‘inflation relief payments’ made by Florida and other states,” he wrote.

States are sitting on record surpluses and many individuals are struggling under the weight of extremely high inflation.Jared Walczakvice president of state projects at the Tax Foundation

While states have been deploying one-time payments all year, there has been an uptick as Election Day approaches, noted Jared Walczak, vice president of state projects at the Tax Foundation.

“States are sitting on record surpluses and many individuals are struggling under the weight of extremely high inflation,” Walczak said.

That’s prompting policy makers to put the two together and want to write checks.

“Unfortunately, that’s only fueling further inflation by injecting more money in an overheated economy,” Walczak said.

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