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Colorado: Taxpayers Bill Of Rights Amendment

Stimulus checks could arrive as soon as January 2021, but will it be enough?

Due to an amendment to the 1992 Taxpayers Bill of Rights, residents this year are eligible for a tax rebate of $750 to $1,500 for couples who filed taxes jointly. You must have filed a 2021 tax return by June 30, be at least 18 years of age and have lived in the state for the entire 2021 calendar year to be eligible.

Many payments have already gone out, but residents who filed an extension by the Oct. 17 deadline are set to get a payment by Jan. 31, 2023, according to CNET.

South Carolina: State Tax Rebates

A large portion of personal state income taxes is headed back to South Carolina residents starting later this month and into December. Amounts will be up to $800, dependent on what the individual or couples filing jointly paid out of pocket.

Anyone who paid under $800 total will receive a full refund, which CNET says is 33% of residents. Residents who paid zero dollars in state income taxes will not get a refund.

Frontline Workers Will Get Bonus Checks By Summer Minnesota Officials Say

ST. PAUL, Minn. It will take 10-12 weeks before Minnesota workers who were on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic receive bonus checks, Gov. Tim Walzs administration officials estimate.

State officials expect 667,000 people from 15 eligible industries will apply for the rewards. The checks are likely to be around $750, though they will be larger or smaller depending on how many people apply. The state has launched a website where people can get updates.

The states vendor will need three to four weeks to build out the application system before launching it, Department of Labor and Industry Commissioner Roslyn Robertson said. The application period will be open for 45 days.

We will take all applications in before we can make determinations as to exactly what the dollar amount will be, Robertson told reporters at a ceremony with supporters of the legislation.

To claim a bonus, a worker would need to: have worked at least 120 hours in an eligible industry between March 15, 2020, and June 30, 2021 not have been eligible for telework and not have collected unemployment benefits for more than 20 weeks during that period. Income is capped at $175,000 for people who worked with COVID-19 patients and $85,000 for all others.

The worker bonuses are $500 million of a $3.4 billion package that Gov. Tim Walz signed late Friday. It includes $2.7 billion to refill the states unemployment benefit fund and reverse a business payroll tax increase.

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What Is The Process To Receive The Bonus

  • Bonuses are not optional employers are required to submit reports to the state and make bonus payments to all eligible employees or face penalties including suspension from the Medicaid program.
  • Your employer will ask you to sign an attestation regarding your eligibilityit is important to carefully review this before signing, as it is a legal document. Call your NYSNA rep with any questions.

Competing With The Private Sector


Unexpectedly high revenues and federal COVID-19 relief funds give state leaders an opportunity to address the problem this year. States can use federal dollars from last years mammoth American Rescue Plan Act to offer bonuses to essential workers and grow the public sector workforce by up to 7.5%.

Most of these governments, state governments and even local governments, have money in a way that they havent for a long time, Kamper said.

Kentucky has a $1.9 billion budget surplus and an additional $1 billion in federal relief funds in the bank, Beshear noted in his budget speech. Thats almost 9% more money than the state spent in fiscal 2019.

Kentucky Democrats say its about time to invest in state workers. State employees havent seen a meaningful raise in Kentucky in 13 years, said state Sen. Morgan McGarvey, the minority floor leader. McGarvey added that no state employees, other than teachers, have been eligible to receive a defined-benefit pension since 2014.

Theres really been kind of a shortchanging of state employees, he said.

Governors around the country agree, pitching plans to recruit and retain key workers, especially police and teachers, though not necessarily at the same proposed wage increase.

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Organizations originally had until February 8 to apply to distribute the funds, with stimulus checks worth up to $600 expected to be issued to workers later this year.

The USDA announced a deadline extension in January, which gives the entities until March 10, 2022 to apply.

Read our stimulus checks live blog for the latest updates on Covid-19 relief

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Rhode Island: Child Tax Rebate

Families and parents with children will be eligible to take part in Rhode Islands Child Tax Rebate program, providing a rebate of $250 for up to three children, or $750 total per family, as previously reported. In order to be eligible, you must have been a resident of Rhode Island for all of 2021 and children must still be 18 years of age by Dec. 31. There are also income limits, $100,000 for individuals and $200,000 for couples filing jointly.

Checks started mailing in early October for those that filed a 2021 tax return by Aug. 31 and will be sent on a rolling basis for those who filed a return by Oc. 17.

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New York’s Essential Front Line Health Care And Mental Hygiene Workers Have Seen Us Through A Once

To attract talented people into the profession at a time of such significant strain, while also retaining those who have been working so tirelessly these past two years, we must recognize the efforts of our health care and mental hygiene workforce and reward them financially for their service. To do so, as part of the Fiscal Year 2023 New York State Executive Budget legislation, $1.2 billion in funding has been allocated for the payment of bonuses for certain frontline healthcare workers.

Located within Part ZZ of Chapter 56 of the Laws of 2022, the HWB provision allows for the payment of bonuses to “recruit, retain, and reward health care and mental hygiene workers” meeting specified eligibility requirements. Bonus amounts will be commensurate with the number of hours worked by eligible workers covered by the HWB Program during designated vesting periods for up to a total of $3,000 per covered worker.

  • Friday, August 26, 2022

State Stimulus Updates To Know For November 2022

Americans earning $60,000 should get stimulus checks, says Yellen

Its been hard to escape news about the U.S. economy the past few months as inflation continues at 40-year highs. The Fed announced yet another increase in interest rates on Nov. 2, resulting in the highest rate since the 2008 housing market crash, according to CNBC.

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With so much financial turmoil and many still not able to catch up from pandemic economic losses, some federal and state agencies have provided aid in the form of stimulus checks. And the checks are still in the mail for anyone who filed a tax return by the extension deadline of Oct. 17. Heres what is happening around the country.

Bonus Offer: Open a new Citi Priority Account by 1/9/23 and earn up to a $2,000 cash bonus after completing required activities.

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Indiana: Automatic Taxpayer Refund Law

Any Indiana residents who did not receive their stimulus money by Nov. 1 should check in with the states department of revenue.

Because of a paper shortage, there was a long delay in issuing checks, and in that time the governor upped the payment automatically by $200 to $325 per person or $650 for couples who filed taxes jointly. The increase might come in a separate deposit or check.

Ct Reserved $1000 Pandemic Bonuses For 30000 Workers At Least 255000 Want Them

But it wont be clear until early October whether applicants will receive as much as $1,000. Thats because legislators and Gov. Ned Lamont allocated just $30 million for the program, and labor advocates predict that will be too little to cover all qualified workers adequately.

Connecticuts essential workers have gone above and beyond during the pandemic to keep our state safe and running, Braswell said Friday. This new Premium Pay program is another way for us to return the favor. I look forward to officially launching the program next week and encourage every eligible worker to apply. For these funds to truly be meaningful, every essential worker needs to know theyre available. Im hoping other government officials, employers, advocacy groups and everyday citizens will help us spread the word so we can get every worker the assistance and relief they deserve.

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How To Get A Little More Stimulus Asap

This new round of assistance is narrowly targeted. But if your budget is feeling tight these days because of the pandemic and inflation, or you could just use a little extra spending money, there are several options to help you create your own stimulus.

  • Deal with your debt. Credit may be convenient, but carrying a balance on your card will eventually bury you in expensive interest. Tackle that problem by folding your balances into a single debt consolidation loan. With a lower interest rate, youll not only slash the cost of your debt, but youll also be able to pay it off faster.

  • Trade in your mortgage. Almost half the homeowners who have taken advantage of the pandemic’s historically low mortgage rates are now saving $300 a month or more, according to a recent Zillow survey. If you own your home and haven’t refinanced in the past year, you’re overdue. Thirty-year mortgage rates are hovering around 3%, so compare multiple refinance offers to see how much you might save.

  • Save while you shop. If you’re doing more online shopping, a free browser extension can help you find the lowest prices by automatically scanning thousands of retailers.

  • Turn your pennies into a portfolio. Even if you don’t have much money, you can still earn returns from the stock market. There’s a popular app that can help you invest your “spare change” from everyday purchases to grow a diversified portfolio.

State And Local Hazard Pay

Why The $2 Trillion Stimulus Package Is Putting Dollars In The Wrong Place

Isabel Soto

Executive Summary

  • President Biden recently proposed giving essential workers back hazard pay, and while he provided few details around who would be eligible, how much they would receive, and who would pay, previous proposals from House Democrats as well as state and local hazard pay laws can indicate what form a federal plan could take.
  • House Democrats proposed last year giving a $13 per hour raise to certain medical professionals along with other essential or front-line employees, such as pharmacists and grocery-store clerks, funded by $200 billion from the federal government.
  • Seattles targeted hazard-pay ordinance, which requires only grocery workers receive an extra $4 an hour, and Marylands broad hazard-pay proposal, which would require all essential workers with income up to $100,000 a year receive an extra $3 an hour, mark the potential range of options for what a federal hazard pay requirement could look like.
  • On a national scale, Seattles proposal could cost employers up to $12.4 billion over one year, and Marylands plan could cost employers up to $238 billion over one year.


Previous Federal Hazard Pay Proposals

While funding streams are different, both proposals would place a mandate on employers to provide support and fund the aid, at least partially, through grants or refundable tax credits.

Previous Research and State-Level Variation

Pay and Duration


Seattle and Maryland

Cost of Seattle Hazard Pay Ordinance


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A New Stimulus Plan Is Out

The Treasury Department recently released its guidance into what cities and other local governments can do with the money allocated to them by the American Rescue Plan. Could cash go to hazard pay for essential workers?

The Treasury Department recently released its guidance into what cities and other local governments can do with the money allocated to them by the American Rescue Plan.

Per Forbes, one of the lesser-known provisions in that guidance is that it allows cities to use the funds on hazard pay for essential workers.

Employers policies on COVID-19-related hazard pay have varied widely, with many essential workers not yet compensated for the heightened risks they have faced and continue to face, the rule says. The added health risk to essential workers is one prominent way in which the pandemic has amplified pre-existing socioeconomic inequities.

The rule for the distribution of the stimulus funds also defines essential work as work involving regular in-person interactions or regular physical handling of items that were also handled by others.

The rule also described while such designations are necessary.

Towns Say Ct Must Remain A Partner In Upgrading School Air Quality

COVID-19 Relief Fund: Covers lost wages, out-of-pocket medical expenses and burial costs tied to COVID-19 that incurred between dates in March 2020 and July 2021.

Essential workers can apply to recover a portion of the wages they lost, up to $1,446 .

Benefits can also cover medical or burial expenses for an essential worker, capped at $3,000 per applicant. Benefits are provided on a first-come-first-served basis, and there are no income eligibility requirements.

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Snowplow Driver Shortage Could Mean Slower Road Clearing

Among the problems: a tight labor market, uncompetitive salaries and retirements.

And its also getting harder for state agencies to fill key jobs, such as snowplow drivers, social workers and state troopers.

Ive been a trooper for 21 years, and currently our manpower numbers are the lowest that theyve been in my entire career, said Sgt. Michael Murriell, the commander of the recruitment branch for the Kentucky State Police. There are about 300 state police jobs open, he said, which is about a third of the jobs for which the state typically has the budget.

Weve been seeing an average of about five resignations per month, just because of pay in the private sector being what it is currently, Murriell said.

Past underinvestment in school and state employees has contributed to todays hiring problems, said Dave Kamper, senior state policy coordinator for the Economic Analysis and Research Network at the Economic Policy Institute, a left-leaning think tank based in Washington, D.C.

Over the past decade, states have cut pension benefits and failed to ensure pay keeps up with inflation.

This is the chickens coming home to roost, for a decade of public sector neglect after the Great Recession, Kamper said. You had an incredibly brittle public sector before this pandemic hit. And youre seeing now that it just cannot hold anymore.

Teachers Other Essential Workers On Bonus Lists

Workforce News Minute: Economic Stimulus for Employers

Georgia, for one, opted to spend $230.5 million of its federal funding for schools to give one-time bonuses to public school employees. In March 2021, the state education board approved giving a $1,000 bonus to teachers, aides, bus drivers, and other staff members working in K-12 facilities. The funds, which have already been distributed to eligible staffers, came in part from ARPA funding for schools.

Similar bonuses are getting approved in other places, too. In neighboring Florida, legislators approved $1,000 one-time bonuses to public school teachers and principals. That money, slated to be distributed to qualifying staffers in August, comes from an education relief fund in the American Rescue Plan Act.

In California, one school district used $2.8 million of federal stimulus funds to give teachers a 3.5% bonus for the 2021-2022 school year. District officials told the Wall Street Journal they hoped the perk would help its Berkeley-area educators with rising inflation.

The bonuses donât always come from funds approved for school reopenings and covering the costs of safe operation. Broader funds issued to states as part of the relief packages can be used with fewer restrictions, and some states are choosing to dole it out to frontline workers of their choosing, such as teachers and first responders.

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How The Cares Act Continues To Benefit Healthcare Providers

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on healthcare organizations and healthcare workers: Expenses are up, margins are down, and nurse burnout and staffing shortages are rampant. As we begin the third year of the pandemic, its negative effects persist in many states.

Fortunately, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act a $2.2 trillion stimulus bill signed into law in March 2020continues to provide much-needed relief for eligible healthcare providers, lessening some of the pandemics harmful effects and allowing providers to continue caring for the patients in their communities and across state lines via telemedicine.

According to Erik Swanson, senior vice president of data and analytics with Kaufman Hall, As we enter the third year of the pandemic, hospital and health system leaders face worsening labor shortages that are driving up costs across healthcare. Organizations are having to pay high salaries to attract the workforce they need, while also paying more for drugs and other supplies. Managing through these challenges will require organizations to build new levels of agility and efficiencies.

Hawaii: State Tax Rebates

Many residents in Hawaii have already received their one-time tax rebate but for people who will receive physical checks, those only started in October and are going out slowly in small batches due to a paper shortage, says Hawaii News Now.

Each person in a household is eligible to receive $300, even dependents, so a family of four could get $1,200. The stipulation is that single residents had to earn under $100,000 or under $200,000 for a couple filing jointly. Those above those thresholds will have their rebate amount reduced to $100.

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