My Stimulus Check Was Stolen What Can I Do


What Should I Do If My Check/draft Is Lost Or Stolen

When will stimulus checks be deposited? Can checks be garnished? We asked the experts

Allow 4 weeks from the issue date before requesting a stop payment be placed on the check/draft.

You may request a stop payment using self-service. Include your full name, complete current mailing address and the tax year with your inquiry.

  • Select the “Inquiries” option
  • Then select “Inquire about My Refund”
  • You will be asked to enter the following information for security reasons:
    • Primary filer’s Social Security number
    • Primary filer’s last name
    • Adjusted Gross Income /Total Household Resources
    • If your AGI is a negative number, enter “-” after the number. Example: 1045-

    You will receive an affidavit in the mail within 4 weeks. Follow the directions on the affidavit and promptly mail the affidavit back to the address included on the form. Allow 12 weeks for the replacement check/draft to come in the mail. If you locate your check/draft after you have requested a stop payment, you MUST contact us before you attempt to cash/deposit it.

    Note: If you are unable to authenticate using your current tax year information, select the previous tax year for authentication. When you submit your question, explain that you selected a previous tax year for authentication. Include the AGI/THR and tax year for which you are inquiring.

    Requesting A Stimulus Payment Trace: What To Do

    Submitting a payment trace request to the IRS is the most crucial thing you can do if you havent received your stimulus check yet.

    You can do so in two methods:

  • You may mail or fax a completed copy of the Taxpayer Statement Regarding Refund document to the IRS.
  • You can call the IRS hotline at 800-919-9835.
  • Its crucial to note that you can choose only one of these options, so you dont have to mail a copy of Form 3911 if youve already called the IRS on the phone.

    Here are some important reminders when youre filling up Form 3911:

    • At the top of the form, write EIP1 if you want to trace the first stimulus check, EIP2 for the second, and EIP3 for the third.
    • Its best not to forget these when filling up item 7 under Section 1:
      • When choosing the type of return, tick the box for Individual.
      • You must put 2021 for the Tax Period.
      • You shouldnt write anything under Date Filed.
    • You should sign the form before submitting it. If youre filing jointly with your spouse, each of you must place your signatures on the document.

    After completing the form, you can mail or fax it to the address or fax number in the chart on the IRS website.

    Eip Debit Card Or Stimulus Check Payment Gets Stolen

    Unfortunately, circumstances where your stimulus money was properly delivered but stolen directly from your mailbox are also possible. Note that when receiving your stimulus check or EIP card, the letter should have a US Department of the Treasury seal. If you do not see the seal, someone might have replaced your money with a dummy.

    If you simply misplaced the EIP card, you can try calling 800-240-8100 and request a replacement.

    However, if you suspect that money is really stolen by a package thief or through an identity thief, you can inform both the FTC and IRS by visiting Both agencies will give you a personal recovery plan for your money and provide steps to protect yourself from any similar attempts.

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    Why Have I Not Received My 3rd Stimulus Check

    If you still haven’t received your payment, or got less than you were eligible for, you can claim the money on your 2021 tax return by using the Recovery Rebate Credit. If you’re eligible, you’ll need to file a 2021 tax return, even if you don’t usually file a tax return, the IRS said in a statement.

    How Can You Become The Victim Of Identity Theft

    Stimulus Check Lost Stolen

    You might wonder how it is even possible that you might become the victim of identity theft yourself. The answer boils down to a series of different possible things that could be an attack point. Consider the following ways that a thief may get your information:

    These are just a few of the everyday ways that people become victims of identity theft. It is hardly any wonder that millions of people end up as victims of these schemes when you consider just how many possible ways there are to get at someone’s information. It is troubling, and it should leave us all on edge as we think about our own identity security and how to protect it.

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    When Will You Get Your Inflation Relief Check California Announces New Dates For Debit Cards

    Posted: Oct 17, 2022 / 07:31 AM PDT

    Posted: Oct 17, 2022 / 07:31 AM PDT

    While millions of Californians have started receiving their Middle Class Tax Refund by direct deposit, many more are still waiting for the check to arrive.

    The inflation relief payments, as lawmakers have called them, range in size from $200 to $1,050. The roughly 23 million taxpayers who qualify will get the payment , depending on how they filed taxes in 2020.

    On Monday, the states Franchise Tax Board released more information on when recipients can expect to get paid but its complicated.

    When you get paid depends on how you get paid. The first batch of payments, which have already started to be issued, are for people who received a Golden State Stimulus payment last year via direct deposit. Those payments started on Oct. 7 and go through Oct. 25.

    The next group of people to get paid are those who received a Golden State Stimulus payment by debit card. This payment will also be sent by debit card in alphabetical order by last name.

    If you were a GSS I or GSS II check recipient, see the chart below for more details on when your debit card with the Middle Class Tax Refund will be mailed, according to the Franchise Tax Board:


    Identity Theft: What To Do If Someone Has Already Filed Taxes Using Your Social Security Number


    If someone uses your information to file a fraudulent tax return, the person is looking to get your tax refund. You’ll want to work with the IRS as soon as you discover the identity theft to ensure that your actual return is processed as quickly as possible.

    Key Takeaways

    If someone has stolen your Social Security Number and filed a fraudulent tax return to receive your refund, your tax filing will be rejected if you try to e-file. If you mail in your tax return you will likely receive a written notice from the IRS.

    Use IRS Form 14039 to alert the IRS that someone has filed a return using your identification.

    The IRS may send you a “Letter 5071C” asking that you verify your identity. You can respond via telephone or through the IRS’ online Identity Verification Service.

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    Did Someone Steal Your Tax Refund Check Do This Asap

    • Their wizard will walk you through the reporting process, and then youâll receive a free recovery plan.
    • Check your credit report .
    • Consider placing a freeze on your credit report. These actions will help you spot suspicious activity and prevent fraudsters from doing any more damage.

    Then youâll need to:

    Send To Irs Mailing Address

    Where is my stimulus check?

    Look on the front of the Treasury check to find the name of the city that determines the appropriate IRS mailing address. The name of a city, or its abbreviation, should be printed at the bottom of the check in front of the words, TAX REFUND. If the Treasury check is for a purpose other than tax refund, note that in your letter.

    The IRS document, Topic 161 Returning an Erroneous Refund Paper Check or Direct Deposit located on the agencys website, lists the nine city names and the corresponding mailing addresses. You may also call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040, and ask for the correct mailing address for returning the expired check.

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    Keeping Your Mailbox Safe:

    To avoid the case of theft your checks, you can keep your mailbox safe in the following ways:

    • You should sign up for Notifications of mail delivery from USPS.
    • To increase the security level, get a locked mailbox.
    • In addition, you can install a mailbox alarm in your mailbox.
    • You can also install a mailbox security camera.

    What Kind Of Damage Can An Identity Thief Do

    It is, unfortunately, the case that identity thieves can steal quite a bit from you, including a stimulus check. In fact, thieves had no problem at all rerouting many of those stimulus checks and depriving their intended recipients of some much-needed money. They can do much more on top of this as well. For example, someone with the right documents can easily:

    • Fraudulently access online accounts

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    Has The Irs Actually Sent My Stimulus Payment

    Your first stop should be to check the Get My Payment tool. From there, youll be able to see when your EIP2 was sent, if it was directly deposited or mailed as a check, where it is headed, and so on. You can also confirm through Get Transcript by requesting an account transcript. Finally, you should have also received Notices 1444 and 1444-B in the mail these are payment confirmations sent by the IRS roughly 15 days after your stimulus payments were issued.

    If the IRS lists your payment as delivered or sent , look at the date to see if it falls within the timeline provided below:

    • 5 days since the deposit date
    • Before February 24, 2021 for mailed payments

    If its past the timeline that applies to you, its time to request a payment trace. Be sure to only request a payment trace if the IRS has your payment listed as delivered or sent, and youre outside the timeframe listed above.

    Consider Taking The Following Actions

    How Do I Replace A Lost Irs Refund Check
    • Contact any of the three credit reporting agencies and ask that a free fraud alert be placed on your credit report. Also ask for a free credit report. You only need to contact one of the three agencies because the law requires the agency you call to contact the other two.

    • TransUnion 1-888-909-8872

    Once you have a fraud alert on your credit report place, a business must verify your identity before it issues new credit in your name. The alert remains active for a year and can be renewed by you for up to seven years.

    • Change the passwords, pin numbers, and log in information for all of your potentially affected accounts, including your email accounts, and any accounts that use the same password, pin, or log in information.

    • Contact your police department, report the crime and obtain a police report.

    • Go to the webpage of the Federal Trade Commission, report the ID theft and create an identity theft recovery plan:

    A security freeze is different from a fraud alert. Once your report is frozen, the credit reporting agency cannot release it without your prior express approval . Under federal law, a security freeze is free, and obtaining one will not affect your credit score. To obtain a freeze, you must contact each of the credit reporting agencies and comply with their requirements. The agency must place the freeze within one business day, and if you request the freeze be lifted, they must do so within one hour. Learn more at their websites below:

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    More Than 2000 Convictions Last Year


    In a statement to AARP, USPIS officials said that as the economic impact payment checks go out, We want the American public to know that postal inspectors are out on the streets with our law enforcement partners, making sure our mail carriers and your mail are safe.”

    You Got Thisall You Have To Do Is Start

    We make filing taxes delightfully simple with one, flatrate price. Every feature included for everyone.

    You may have heard others celebrate as they get their economic impact payments , but youre still waiting. Where is it? After all, didnt the IRS say all payments would be sent by January 15?

    In some cases, your payment may simply be delayed because of confusion on the direct deposit side . Or maybe a fraudster figured out how to intercept your payment on its way to your account or mailbox. Or maybe your pooch tore your check to pieces.

    Whatever your dilemma, heres how to determine whether your EIP2 has been lost, stolen or destroyed, and what to do about it in the worst-case scenario.

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    How Can I File My Taxes

    If you know you need to file a 2020 tax return, you should do so as soon as possible to get your Economic Impact Payment and any tax refund that you are eligible for.

    Online: If youre comfortable using computers and confident preparing your own taxes, consider using a free online tax software. MyFreeTaxes is an online tool that helps you file your taxes for free. You can use these online programs until November 20, 2021.

    What To Expect From The Bureau Of Fiscal Services :

    Stimulus payment debit card headaches

    The BFS will review your claim to compare your signature to the signature on the canceled check. Then theyâll decide whether to issue you an IRS replacement check or open an investigation.

    â Heads up: the BFS review can take up to six weeks to complete.

    If the BFS determines the check was forged, youâll receive an IRS replacement refund check. Then theyâll notify the IRS about the situation. But if your claim is denied, the BFS will send you a denial letter with instructions for how to appeal their decision.

    If your tax refund was supposed to be deposited directly into your bank account, the BFS will send your financial institution a letter within six weeks of your refund trace. Then theyâll try to verify where the deposit went.

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    What If My Stimulus Check Was Lost Stolen Or Destroyed

    If your payment was direct deposited, first check with your bank, payment app, or debit card company to make sure they didnt receive it.

    You can request a trace of your stimulus check to determine if your payment was cashed. Only request a payment trace if you received IRS Notice 1444 showing that your first stimulus check was issued or if your IRS account shows your payment amount and you havent received your first stimulus check.

    How to start a payment trace: You can mail or fax Form 3911 to the IRS or call 800-829-1954. Click here for specific instructions on how to complete Form 3911 for tracking your first stimulus check.

    If the IRS discovers that your check was not cashed, your check will be reversed. You can now claim the payment.

    If the IRS discovers that your check was cashed, the Treasury Department will send you a claim package with instructions. Upon review of your claim, the Treasury Department will determine if the check can be reversed. If the check is reversed, you can now claim the payment.

    If the check is not reversed, contact the tax preparer who filed your return. If you are unable to reach them, contact your local Low Income Tax Clinic or Taxpayer Advocate Service office for help.

    It can take up to 6 weeks to receive a response from the IRS.

    How Do I Get My Stimulus Check

    If youve filed a tax return for tax year 2019 or 2018 or submitted your information to the 2020 IRS Non-filer portal, you dont need to do anything. The IRS shouldve automatically sent your payment. Social Security recipients, including Social Security Disability Insurance , railroad retirees, and Supplemental Security Insurance and Veterans Affairs beneficiaries shouldve also automatically received a check.

    All first stimulus checks were issued by December 31, 2020. If you are missing your stimulus check or didnt get the full amount that you are eligible for, you can claim your first stimulus check as the Recovery Rebate Tax Credit on your 2020 tax return or by using if you dont have a filing requirement.

    To use, youll need a phone number or email address. Youll also need to provide your full name , mailing address, date of birth, Social Security Number, bank account information , 2019 Adjusted Gross Income , and details for any qualifying children you have.

    9. What if I dont have an email address?

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    What Should You Do If Your Stimulus Check Gets Stolen Or Lost In The Mail

    The US government provides Economic Impact Payments or stimulus checks to help boost economic activity. Eligible taxpayers can receive it by mail or as a tax credit.

    These documents amount to hundreds or thousands of dollars. So, what should you do if your stimulus check was lost or stolen in the mail?

    What happens to the money if your financial institution doesnt receive the direct deposit? Is it gone forever, or can you get it back?

    The Internal Revenue Service knows that these situations can happen fortunately, the agency has procedures that cover these circumstances. You can request a payment trace for your stimulus check if it gets lost, destroyed, or stolen.

    Although this is good news because you wont lose the money, you will only get the amount as a recovery rebate credit. This means it reduces the amount you have to pay in taxes on your next tax return, so you wont get it immediately.

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