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IRS Launches New Stimulus Check Hotline, But Will Callers Get To Talk To Real People?

Local IRS taxpayer assistance centers can help you with account problems, allow you to make payments or adjustments, and look into issues with your stimulus payments.

Search for your nearest IRS office and use the phone number specified to make an appointment.

If you live very close to an office, Bell says you can also walk in to request an appointment for the future. If you take this route, he recommends taking your documents with you, just in case thereâs an immediate opening.

IRS taxpayer assistance centers are open Monday through Friday, and some are closed for a brief period during the workday for lunch.

Prepare For Your Appointment

  • Schedule your appointment ahead of time.
  • Bring the following items with you:
  • A current government-issued photo ID.
  • A taxpayer identification number, such as a Social Security number.
  • Any other documentation you need for your appointment.
  • Use our COVID-19 Screening Tool to protect yourself and our employees. If you are feeling ill, please reschedule your appointment.
  • If your area has a high transmission rate or you arent fully vaccinated, you must wear a mask.
  • Stay 6 feet away from others.
  • They Have A Lot Of Influence: Ex

    The IRS has started sending letters to around nine million households nationwide reminding Americans who have not yet filed their tax returns this year that they could be eligible for $1,400 stimulus checks or even $2,800 checks for married couples.

    Americans who havent yet claimed the third installment of stimulus payments that were sent out by virtue of the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan can still do so if they file a 2021 tax return.

    The benefit would be applied to those who have yet to file their returns that were due this past April.

    The plan, one of the first major pieces of legislation passed by the Democrat-controlled Congress and signed into law by President Joe Biden, included rental assistance, tax rebates, vaccine distribution funds, and direct payments to Americans who were struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    The federal government under the Trump administration began sending direct checks to Americans in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, when state governors began mandating lockdowns and business closures to mitigate the spread of the virus.

    Households should check their mailboxes for letters from the IRS, according to The Washington Post.

    Americans can claim the third stimulus check even if they didnt have an income last year though there are income caps.

    Those with an adjusted gross income which is gross income minus certain adjustments of $75,000 or less are eligible to get the full $1,400.

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    Stimulus Check Irs Phone Number: How To Call About Your Payment

    You can call the IRS about your stimulus checks. Here’s how.

    Looking for the stimulus check IRS phone number? Yes, you can call the IRS for help with your third stimulus check payment. A representative might be able to questions that can’t be answered through its website.

    The IRS’s dedicated stimulus check website is a good resource if you’re wondering where your stimulus check is, if you’re eligible or how much you should get. But if your question is more specific, or you have trouble navigating the available online tools, there’s a phone number you can call for help.

    The IRS hotline isn’t equipped to handle an exorbitant amount of inquires. Rather, people are encouraged to seek answers using the economic impact payment Information Center .

    The IRS has an app for tracking the status of your stimulus check called Get My Payment. When you enter a bit of personal information, you can find out whether the government has sent your check. If it has, consider using the USPS Informed Delivery tool to receive notifications about where your payment is in transit.

    For other logistical questions, the IRS’s hotline is at your disposal. Keep in mind that an automated recording will attempt to help you before you’re connected with an actual representative, so have your questions and basic personal information ready.

    Irs Adds Phone Operators To Answer Economic Impact Payment Questions

    Irs Payment Phone Number
  • IRS Statements and Announcements
  • IR-2020-97, May 18, 2020

    WASHINGTON Today, the Internal Revenue Service is starting to add 3,500 telephone representatives to answer some of the most common questions about Economic Impact Payments.

    IRS telephone assistance and other services will remain limited, and answers for most of the common questions related to Economic Impact Payments are available on The IRS anticipates bringing back additional assistors as state and local advisories permit.

    Answers for most Economic Impact Payment questions are available on the automated message for people who call the phone number provided in the letter . Those who need additional assistance at the conclusion of the message will have the option of talking to a telephone representative.

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    If You Didnt Get The Full Economic Impact Payment You May Be Eligible To Claim The Recovery Rebate Credit

    If you didnt get any payments or got less than the full amounts, you may qualify for the credit, even if you dont normally file taxes. See Recovery Rebate Credit for more information.

    The tool is closed and it will not be available for other payments including the second Economic Impact Payment or the Recovery Rebate Credit. Economic Impact Payments were an advance payment of the Recovery Rebate Credit. You may be eligible to claim the credit by filing a 2020 1040 or 1040-SR for free using the IRS Free File program. These free tax software programs can be used by people who are not normally required to file tax returns but are eligible to claim the credit.

    If you submitted your information using this tool by November 21, 2020 or by mail for the first Economic Impact Payment, IRS will use that information to send you the second Economic Impact Payment, if youre eligible.

    You can check your payment status with Get My Payment. Go to Coronavirus Tax Relief and Economic Impact Payments for more information.

    Returning An Economic Impact Payment

    COVID Tax Tip 2020-73, June 18, 2020

    Millions of eligible individuals have already received their Economic Impact Payment. Some people, including those who received a payment for a deceased individual, may be unsure whether they should return a payment.

    Here is additional information about returning an Economic Impact Payment.

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    Visit Your Local Irs Office

    The IRS operates local Taxpayer Assistance Center offices, or TACs, in every state. To see their local addresses and phone numbers, click on your state on the list of Taxpayer Assistance locations. Generally, you cant just show up at a local IRS office any time. You have to make an appointment. That IRS number is 844-545-5640.

    If I Owe Child Support Will I Be Notified That My Tax Return Is Going To Be Applied To My Child Support Arrears

    Where’s my stimulus? | How to check the status of your stimulus payment
    • Yes.You were sent a noticewhenyour case wasinitiallysubmitted for federal tax refund offset.The federal government shouldsend an offset notice toyouwhenyour stimulus rebate paymenthasactuallybeenintercepted. The noticewill tell youthatyourtax returnhas been applied toyour child support debtand to contactthe Child Support Divisionifyoubelieve this was done in error.

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    Irs Free File Available Until October 17 Midnight Eastern Time

    Welcome to IRS Free File, where you can electronically prepare and file your federal individual income tax return for free using tax preparation and filing software. Let IRS Free File do the hard work for you.

    IRS Free File lets you prepare and file your federal income tax online using guided tax preparation, at an IRS partner site or Free File Fillable Forms. It’s safe, easy and no cost to you for a federal return.

    To receive a free federal tax return, you must select an IRS Free File provider from the Browse All Offers page or from your Online Lookup Tool results. Once you click your desired IRS Free File provider, you will leave the website and land on the IRS Free File providers website. Then, you must create an account at the IRS Free File providers website accessed via to prepare and file your return. Please note that an account created at the same providers commercial tax preparation website does NOT work with IRS Free File: you MUST access the providers Free File site as instructed above.

    Speak To A Live Person At The Irs

    IRS customer support may be difficult to reach, but they are available to speak with you about your tax return. They are available from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM five days a week Monday through Friday. According to the official website,, average wait times can range from fifteen minutes to almost thirty minutes after filing deadlines have passed .

    The primary IRS phone number is 829-1040. This serves as a catchall and will send you to a menu. However, there are also alternative numbers you can dial to reach a live person in a specific department. This may help you to connect directly with someone who deals with the issue you are facing.

    NerdWallet has compiled a full list of all extant phone numbers to speak to a live person at the IRS. Here is the contact information for the most-used departments:

    • Issues with stimulus checks 919-9835
    • Self-employed tax payers 829-4933
    • Estate and gift tax questions 699-4083
    • Check the status of your refund 829-1954
    • Make a payment 555-4477
    • The Office of the Taxpayer Advocate 777-4778
    • Schedule an appointment with your local office 545-5640
    • Request paper tax forms 829-3676
    • Tax filing questions for non-profits 829-5500
    • Corporate taxpayers, nonprofits, and partnerships 255-0654

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    Contact The Taxpayer Advocate Service

    If youâve exhausted the first three methods, it may be time to exercise your last resort: The Taxpayer Advocate Service . Itâs an independent office within the IRS that works to protect taxpayers, and itâs free to use. Since 2011, the TAS has handled more than 2 million taxpayer cases.

    Every state has at least one TAS office. If you havenât been able to reach anyone at the IRS or havenât received a response in the time frame you were promised, the TAS may be able to help you if your problem is causing a financial struggle while you wait for a resolution, you may also qualify for help.

    How Do I Contact The Irs About A Stimulus Check

    Turbotax Stimulus payments/ deposit not received &  payment status check ...

    It almost seems too good to be true, but now you can contact the IRS about your stimulus check. You may have many questions to ask about your stimulus check, such as:

    Before you call the IRS, its important to note that the IRS has a dedicated website for stimulus checks . You will notice that the website says do not call. However, the IRS has now released a new phone number that you can call with your questions about stimulus checks.

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    What Not To Do To Try To Get Answers From The Irs

    Being persistent when you call the IRS and even trying some of the tips for navigating the automated system may help you get what you need in due time. Just remember that youâre not the only taxpayer in this frustrating situationâyouâre one of millions trying to get answers.

    With three stimulus rounds and the enhanced child tax credit on top of routine taxes, âthatâs a lot to put on any system, from an infrastructure and manpower standpoint,â Bell says.

    What not to do? Donât put the IRS on blast on social media , and donât ask your friendsâ friend who works for the IRS to look into your case for you.

    âThey canât help you. You donât want to get them in trouble,â Bell says.

    Where Is My Stimulus Check

    Use the IRS Get My Payment tool to track stimulus money For the third stimulus check: It’s worth visiting the IRS’ online portal designed to track the status of your 2021 payment. Generally, it should tell you when your check will be processed and how you’ll receive it: for example, as a paper check in the mail.

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    There’s Still Time To Claim

    There is some good news: There’s still time for people who missed out on their stimulus checks to claim them, the report noted.

    “Individuals with little or no income, and therefore not required to pay taxes, have until November 15 to complete a simplified tax return to get their payments,” the GAO said.

    There’s also still time for people to claim the expanded Child Tax Credit, which was provided last year to eligible families. That credit provided as much as $3,600 to families with children under 17, but parents who didn’t receive the payments last year have only until November 15 to claim them.

    To claim a missing stimulus payment, people should go to the IRS website for “Economic Impact Payments,” the official name for the program, and follow the instructions there. You’ll have to file a simplified tax return to receive the money.

    Parents who still have missing Child Tax Credits from 2021 can go to the website to claim them.

    However, people who are required to file taxes due to their income and who missed the April 15 tax filing deadline have until October 17 to claim the payments, the GAO said. October 17 is the deadline for filing 2021 tax returns if you requested an extension from the IRS.

    Practitioner Priority Service Your First Point Of Contact

    IRS: Some Americans needs to claim stimulus check payment on tax return

    Tax practitioners have long served an important role in our nation’s tax collection system as a conduit between taxpayers and the IRS. The Practitioner Priority Service® is your first point of contact for account-related issues. Our Practitioner Priority Service® is a professional support line staffed by IRS customer service representatives specially trained to handle practitioners’ accounts questions. You may contact PPS at . PPS is available to all tax professionals with valid third-party authorizations, i.e., Forms 2848, 8821 and/or 8655.

    IRS has initiated a pilot program that requires Practitioner Priority Service callers to repeat phrases before being transferred to an IRS assistor. This pilot will use speech recognition to help ensure a live person is calling and not a mechanical device. The IRS hopes this new process will improve customer service by reducing unnecessary wait times.

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    If I Owe Child Support Will Mytax Return Be Applied Tomychild Supportarrears

    • Maybe.Federal law and regulationsdetermine when federal payments are intercepted and applied to child support arrears.

    • IfTANFhas been received for your child,thetotalamount of past due supportonall ofyourchild support cases must be at least $150

    • IfTANFhasnotbeenreceivedfor your child,thetotalamount of past due supportonall ofyour child support casesmust be at least $500

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    Use The Irs Portal And Get My Payment App

    With no live person to call at the IRS, your best bet for getting information now is the IRS website. For basic questions about issues like who is eligible for payments and what steps you need to take to get your check, head to the IRS FAQ page about stimulus checks.

    Another part of the online IRS portal has a page detailing how to use the tools it’s created for coronavirus payments, with a special focus on whether you should use the Get My Payment app or the “Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here” form. A separate page just addresses frequently asked questions about Get My Payment.

    Basically, you’ll want to use the “Non-Filers” form if you haven’t filed taxes for 2018 or 2019 perhaps because your income level was so low you weren’t required to file and you’re eligible for a stimulus payment. If you don’t register here, you might not get your money.

    The Get My Payment app is intended to let you track the status of your payment, get an estimated date for the payment’s arrival if it’s been scheduled, find out how the payment will be made , and add direct deposit information if it’s not already on file with the IRS and your payment hasn’t been processed yet.

    Unfortunately, for the time being, there’s no one you can call at the IRS who can answer questions about any of these issues.

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    What You Need To Do

    • Read your notice carefully. It explains the information we received and how it affects your tax return.
    • Complete the notice response form and state whether you agree or disagree with the notice. The response form explains what actions to take. . You can return your response by:
    • Mail using the return address on the enclosed envelope, or
    • Fax your documents to the fax number in the notice using either a fax machine or an online fax service. Several online fax services use the internet to send files from your computer or smart device to a fax number.
  • If you agree with the proposed changes, follow the instructions to sign response form. We require both spouses signatures if you filed married filing jointly.
  • If you disagree, complete and return the response form. Provide a signed statement explaining why you disagree and supply any documentation to support your statement.
  • If the information reported to us is not correct, contact the business or person who reported the information. Ask them for a corrected document or a statement to support why it is in error, then send us a copy with your response.
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